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It’s 2019. Speed up your Magento development.

Magento is known for many things, but not for its ability to quickly implement changes nor for being the perfect platform for continuous development. However, there’s a way to negate the negatives and provide a well-rounded base that even your ecommerce team will love.

With Frosmo, you can bypass standard development processes regardless of how complex the new functionalities are, and deploy them at the pace required for immediate success. It enables lightning-fast development and makes adding features such as personalization a walk in the park.

Benefit from a fast time-to-market

Website visitors’ preferences constantly shift so to catch the attention of passers-by, ecommerce companies must deploy fast and continuous development methods. User acquisition relies on the customization of the user experience, personalization of that very same experience, and offering relevant products and content even as trends continue to shift.

Making continuous improvements alone is not enough to guarantee that you’ll provide superior user experience. That’s why the Frosmo Platform can also be used to collect visitor data. By combining that data with your own analytics, you can provide more relevant content and communication to your visitors.

You could use this knowledge to promote relevant recommendations across your website or emails. With the Frosmo Platform, It’s an easy trick and one that leads to a higher average order value.

Shorter load times and shortcuts for visitors

Visitors also benefit from a speed boost, most notably when you use the Frosmo Platform to add shortcuts to your site. Shortening the checkout process, for example, is a popular move that Magento users otherwise struggle with, despite its big impact on the number of abandoned carts.

And then there are the notoriously long page load times of Magento-based product pages. Frosmo can make visiting these pages a smoother experience by making clever use of caches, cookies, and preloading. Shortening the load times here will make both visitors and Google happy. Bots crave great user experiences, too.

For Magento users, Frosmo equals speed

There’s a reason we picked a cheetah for our logo. With Frosmo, the development of your website can be so much faster and at the same time, your visitors can enjoy a much speedier, smoother, and overall superior user experience. And if speed leads to happier visitors, and happy customers spend more and come back more frequently, you do the math.

Contact us and see how we can speed up the development of your Magento website.

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