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4 steps to build an effective process for personalized customer journeys

Consumer expectations for superior user experience are growing rapidly — users expect a consistent experience when switching between devices and the expectation level for user experiences is no longer set by direct competitors. Instead, global giant vendors such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Netflix dictate and set the bar for user experiences. It’s difficult to compete against these giants, but personalization is one of the most effective ways. Personalization is the key to customers’ hearts — we need to exceed customer expectations and delight them by offering personalized and relevant content.

Building a personalized customer journey is a process

Personalization is a process that creates a relevant, individualized interaction between two parties designed to enhance the experience of the recipient, according to the Gartner market research. To build an effective process for personalized customer journeys, consider the following 4 essential steps.

Step 1: Who

To whom do you want to personalize the content? Create segments with real-time behavioral data from the site and set up as many as you like. You can create similar groups or create individual user experiences for new customers, VIP visitors, or based on demographics. When creating segments, the only limit is your imagination!

Step 2: What

What content do you want to show your segments or individuals? Downloadable case studies, discount codes, or maybe recommendations for recently viewed products? At Frosmo, these are known as modifications. Recommend and personalize products and content using machine learning algorithms to increase conversions. Learn more about Frosmo Recommendations and how our customer Reima is using product recommendations to boost conversions.

It’s always good to verify, which modifications work better by A/B testing or algorithm-based optimization. Read how our customer Clas Ohlson is experimenting to make more educated, data-driven decisions.

Step 3: Where

Where do you want the personalized content to appear? On the homepage, on a category page, or perhaps on the checkout page? Identify these placements and display modifications on any screen and device.

Step 4: When

What is the most ideal point in the customer journey for the content to be shown to the segment or individual? Use Frosmo triggers to detect particular events, such as specific views and clicks, and show related content accordingly. A good time to show personalized content can be, for example, after the visitor has spent some time on the site, is about to exit, or after they’ve signed up for a newsletter. Combine triggers to create, personalize, and implement entire user journeys.

Process of personalization

In conclusion, personalization is becoming an ever-important differentiator when competing against the giant corporations that dominate our web experiences and device interactions. With these 4 steps for personalized customer journeys, the Frosmo Platform allows you to track user interactions and deliver more personalized experiences to users and works seamlessly with any CMS or ecommerce platform.

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About the writer:

Riikka HelkkulaRiikka Helkkula works as a Platform Training Manager and Contentful expert at Frosmo. She’s a former synchronized skater and has been coaching the sport for many years. Now she’s taking her coaching skills and four years of Frosmo experience in use to train customers and partners. She is a curious mind and enjoys experimenting with the capabilities of the Frosmo Platform in creating new solutions for customers.

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