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Aalto University targets prospective students with periodical page overlays

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Aligned with omnichannel marketing
  • Page-wide campaigns

Large scale promotional campaigns, scheduled around important dates, are an omnichannel event. For Aalto University, that means utilizing ads, traditional print, and a host of other methods for one purpose: Getting prospective students to sign up for one of Aalto’s studies.

With FROSMO, Aalto displays an overlay on top of their homepage that provides these prospects with a user experience that’s aligned with the rest of the marketing campaign and designed to increase conversions.

The overlay on our website, with all its functionalities, really highlights that FROSMO can do anything.
Elina Kuuluvainen, Content Strategist

Providing prospects with the right content

To generate interest and create an impact, Aalto delivers a completely different user experience to prospects without having to create and implement additional landing pages. It’s fast and cost-efficient, while still maintaining the same quality feel as Aalto’s marketing campaigns.

By adding the FROSMO overlay, it’s quick and simple to create the wow-effect and showcase student stories to the right users, something that wasn’t easily implemented through Aalto’s own CMS. Especially when taking into consideration that the content itself would only be used for a short period of time, before being updated to something different for the following period.

Creating clever tricks to differentiate between current and future students

FROSMO can create an unlimited amount of segments, defined by rules as simple or as complex as the situation requires. To separate current students from the future ones, the rule was both ingenious and simple: Whoever made use of the on-campus WiFi would be segmented, thus they mostly got to see the original site without the overlay.

Differentiating was important for Aalto since users actively use the site to find relevant information regarding their current studies or situation. Showing them the campaign overlay would both have a negative impact on their user experience and on conversion rates.

Segmenting users, and delivering superior user experiences by providing relevant content and functionalities, is something that goes beyond seasonal campaigns. Being able to continuously develop your site to give each user what they need, be it a student, parent, teacher, research partner, or any of the other countless of groups making use of your website – That’s where conversions, acquisitions, retentions, and indeed, genuinely happy users come from.

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