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Aurinkomatkat proves the value of personalization with unbelievable 250% increase in conversion rate

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  • Focus on digitalization to shift sales online
  • Significant increase in conversions
  • Superior user experiences through personalization

The digitalization efforts of Aurinkomatkat have resulted in 80% of their total sales being made online. Finland’s second largest travel agency, which is fully owned by Finnair, has transformed their business through digitalization to go from massive losses to an annual turnover exceeding €200 million.

With their successful shift to online, Aurinkomatkat closed most of their brick-and-mortar locations. However, to keep the same feeling that each customer gets the trip that’s just right for them, the website still needs to serve each user’s specific needs.

Personalizing experiences for would-be travelers, because everyone wants their journey to be unique

An incredible 250% increase in conversion rate has been achieved in large part thanks to personalization. With Frosmo, Aurinkomatkat can show users the kind of holidays that they’d be interested in. By keeping all content relevant it becomes easier to find that one perfect trip and as a result, conversions go up significantly.

For example, by targeting and geolocating website visitors who live near the city of Oulu, flights leaving from Oulu airport saw a 498% increase in conversion. Similar ways of personalizing are done by offering adventurous packages to the adrenaline junkies and family holidays to those with kids.

The story of Aurinkomatkat’s turnaround is an inspiring one. It’s also a story that proves that online user experiences can outperform their offline counterparts, as long as you have access to the right resources and expertise.

FROSMO is excellent for us because it helps us to bring those features and functionalities which we would otherwise need to develop ourselves with an old platform. No way.
Timo Kousa, CEO, Aurinkomatkat


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