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Join the breakfast seminar

Thu 12 Sept | 8:30 am | Ekberg Extra (2nd flr), Helsinki

Drive success with future-proof digital experiences

Companies need to look beyond functionality and create a seamless digital experience in every interaction and in every screen and channel.

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About the event

Talent Base

Learn about how digital experiences encompass the interactions a person has with your brand. Join the breakfast seminar hosted by experts from Contentful, Frosmo, A-lehdet, and Talent Base.

The speakers will discuss the importance of creating superior digital experiences to drive success and gain competitive advantage. They will also talk about how to achieve these future-proof digital experiences using the right combination of strategies, processes, and technology.

The breakfast seminar will be presented in Finnish and the panel discussion will be in English.


We brought together a group of people who have devoted their time and energy into areas of digital user experience, software development, and service design.

Tuija Riekkinen
Tuija Riekkinen
Head of Omnichannel Content, Talent Base
Sakke Mustonen
Sakke Mustonen
Service Design and UX Area Lead, Talent Base
Maija Erkheikki
Maija Erkheikki
Chief Channel Officer, Frosmo
Antti Karvanen
Antti Karvanen
Digital Development Manager, A-lehdet
Robert Linde
Robert Linde
Technology Consultant, Contentful

The agenda

The breakfast seminar will be presented in Finnish and the panel discussion will be in English. Beyond the talks, get ready to network and build connections, dive into smart discussions, and exchange ideas.

8:30-9:00 am

Coffee and breakfast

9:00-9:15 am

Welcome and introductions for the day

9:15-9:45 am

Tuija Riekkinen and Sakke Mustonen, Talent Base | Content management best practices in multichannel customer experience platforms

10:00:-10:30 am

Maija Erkheikki, Frosmo | Power of personalization

10:30-11:00 am

Antti Karvanen, A-lehdet | A-lehdet case: Merging 16 sites with 16 diff tech solutions into 5 sites with just 1 tech stack and offering an on-demand journey to visitors from different channels

11:00-11:30 am

Panel discussion | Tuija Riekkinen, Sakke Mustonen, Antti Karvanen, Maija Erkheikki, Robert Linde


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