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Digital Copywriter

Do you have what it takes to create engaging written content for eСommerce professionals around the world? Do you have an understanding of digital beyond idea generation and actual copywriting?

Frosmo is revolutionizing the way online UI’s are developed. Our customers are some of the brightest ecommerce and digital marketing professionals around the world. To support our hyper-growth and introduction of new services, we are looking for a new star to join our international marketing team.

This is what you’ll be doing

  • Develop and execute a solid online content strategy and plan
  • Produce optimized content that drives conversions
  • Create innovative, attention-grabbing content across online channels
  • Create landing pages and email campaigns targeted to eCommerce professionals
  • Apply your knowledge of user experience design to your copywriting
  • Work as a team with the UI and graphic designers
  • Blog and provide content for online marketing
  • Write articles targeted to tech and business media
  • Research and interview internal and external stakeholders for relevant topics and content
  • Monitor metrics and adjust your writing accordingly.

  • We are looking for a Digital Copywriter with

    • +3 years of experience in digital copywriting for business and technical audiences
    • Strong understanding of journalistic writing techniques
    • Excellent knowledge of SEO, digital and social media marketing
    • Proven knowledge of conversion rate optimization and A/B testing for continuously improving results
    • Experience in using digital marketing platforms and social media channels
    • Excellent understanding of Google Analytics
    • Understanding of UI design and website development
    • Ability to work with and develop the Frosmo tone-of-voice
    • Creative and ambitious problem solving attitude
    • Strong communication and social skills
    • Ability to create content through work with internal and external partners
    • Driven team player who takes initiative
    • Understanding of sales funnel and passion for eCommerce
    • High tolerance for change and working outside comfort zone
    • Native level spoken and written English (other languages a plus)
    • BA/MA level education in marketing and/or communications

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    People in different roles have different perspectives. So getting input from a wide spectrum is important to me.
    Markku, Development Director
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