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Digital Project Manager

Frosmo is looking for several experienced Digital Project Managers who can deliver superior user experiences for the websites of large companies that are our clients.

You have at least 3 years of experience as a project manager and also happen to be a marketing or UI design expert. On top of that, you really, really, really like the prospect of suggesting, planning, and delivering website UX-improving modifications to industry-leading companies. Really.

Working with these large, industry-leading companies doesn’t phase you. In fact, you’re used to it already. Being able to rid the world of bad UX excites you. Better yet, we will actually reward you so that you can be even more excited. It’s a win-win for the entire planet, or at least for those with internet access.

A project manager is nothing without his tools, so experience in using software such as Trello, YouTrack, Jira, or Confluence is required. In similar fashion, excellent communication skills in English is expected. We assume that words and abbreviations such as A/B testing, usability, and CRO are part of your daily vocabulary.

Ideal candidates are more than a checklist of the above – They are passionate about great service delivery and creating quality experiences. If that’s you, then you should apply and become a fellow Frosmonaut.

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People in different roles have different perspectives. So getting input from a wide spectrum is important to me.
Markku, Development Director
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