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Combine channels to provide unique experiences

Cross-channel engagement is increasingly important in ecommerce. Especially since multiple devices are often used during the shopping journey. More importantly, online shoppers continue to make more use of mobile devices to complete transactions. So to increase online revenue, mobile user experiences must be both delightful and useful, or your shoppers will go elsewhere.

Create a continuous journey

Revisiting your website should always be a continuous experience, regardless of which device or browser is used. Last viewed products, recommended articles, and personalized content should be consistent for each visit. Only when you remember the user, and the user has a seamless experience, does the experience become memorable. Frosmo can help you with that.

Frosmo was able to solve a major news company’s challenge of tracking read news articles across devices through the clever use of segments and user IDs.

The company in question asked readers to share 5 articles in exchange for a free 2-week subscription as part of a campaign to promote the sharing of news articles on social media. However, people tend to read their news both on a computer as well as on a mobile device so a solution was needed that attributes shares regardless of which device they use.

Riikka, Project Manager at Frosmo elaborates: “We recognized each user by their unique ID and then segmented them based on the browsers they use on all their devices. By doing this, we were able to track shares across devices and as an added bonus, we can collect data and see how behavior differs across devices to create better experiences.”

By showing interesting and relevant content based on previous browsing behavior, regardless of browser or device, the experience becomes seamless.

Capitalize on the growth of mobile

Smartphones are used for discovery, research, and increasingly, to finalize purchases. They are our gateway to the internet wherever we are. Because of the convenience of mobile however, people also expect to find what they’re looking for with the click of a button.

At a minimum, your website should be useful and optimized for mobile. Since the screen is smaller, it’s important to reconsider what content is important on each device, and rearrange it accordingly.

Finnish professional training powerhouse Markkinointi-instituutti was looking for a way to make their course signup forms usable on mobile to increase mobile conversions.

Tiina Lammi, Digital Communications Manager at Markkinointi-instituutti knew that “The mobile experience plays a very important role for those who seek training, but the traditional way of developing and implementing a mobile user experience would have taken far too long and we needed to get it done very quickly.” By working together with FROSMO, the whole project took a little over 100 hours.

Eventually, and that may very well be sooner rather than later, mobile will take over computers as the default online purchasing device. Companies need to foresee this shift and the ones that act quickly have the opportunity to deliver a great competitive advantage through a superior user experience.

Increase your revenue by creating a seamless experience

Combine channels seamlessly and give users what they need on the device of their choice. Take each step of the journey into consideration and deliver the right content, regardless of device.

Since the final click is moving towards mobile, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile and that it’s both delightful and useful to use. Companies that can get this right will see an increase in both retention and revenue.

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