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Decathlon Turkey’s focus on customer loyalty proves to be winning formula

  • Superior development speed
  • Seamless cross-device experiences
  • Rapid testing of ideas

Reactivating regular customers is 6 to 7 times cheaper than acquiring new ones. On top of that, returning and regular customers have higher conversion rates, and their basket value is 70% higher on average. By focusing on customer loyalty, Decathlon Turkey got that figure up 90%.

Decathlon makes use of FROSMO to deliver user experiences that foster and strengthen the bond with their customers. The partnership means that Decathlon can know exactly what kind of content and products each customer likes to see while being able to deliver on these wants. In addition, it enables Decathlon to be on keep up with changes in customer needs while being on the forefront of web development.

With FROSMO, we know our customers and understand their needs, then we ask FROSMO to make the development for us and go live.
Melisa Cakir, eCommerce and Marketing Manager, Decathlon Turkey

Focusing on 3 key factors to build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is dependent on 3 key factors, namely customer knowledge, one-to-one marketing, and investing time rather than money.

One-to-one marketing, or personalization, shows customers how much you care about them and how well you understand their needs. Investing time to reach out and talk to people further highlights the fact that you care. It’s understanding and caring that creates true loyalty.

eCommerce is changing rapidly and you need to be quick to compete

Ever-changing user expectations and technological advancements mean that websites need to be under continuous development to deliver desirable user experiences. In just a few years, mobile traffic has risen from 20% to more than 65% and if you’re not able to capitalize on cross-device interactions then you’ll lose out.

For Decathlon Turkey, working together with FROSMO means that new ideas can be developed, tested and pushed live in days or weeks rather than months. It’s this pace together with the creativity and dreams of Melisa’s team that create highly converting user experiences. As Melisa puts it “To be the leader you have to be the first.”

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