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FProxy: Frosmo for front-end developers

Frosmo is great for making any changes to your website, regardless of your current setup. That has never been a problem. However, not everyone enjoyed the way these changes were made. Previously, the only way to create website modifications was through the Frosmo Control Panel (FCP), a web-based user interface.

Especially for developers, having to copy/paste the code from their code editors to the FCP or, even worse, coding directly in the FCP was less than ideal. Internal developers felt the same way and they do use the Frosmo Platform an awful lot.

And that’s why Frosmo developers came up with FProxy. Now you can use your favorite development tools and easily connect them to the Frosmo Platform. With FProxy, you get the features and familiarity of your own code editor combined with the fast and easy front-end editing capabilities of Frosmo.

It’s easy. Develop just the way you like to.

To make sure that you can do the best job possible, it’s important that you’re able to develop with your own toolset and can use your own workflows and processes. No-one really wants to change their setup whenever new software is introduced, no matter how beneficial this software is.

FProxy is easy to take into use. All you have to do is install it locally and after that, it’s pretty much set-and-forget. Frosmo developers have been testing, using, and improving FProxy for a bit over a year now and can no longer do without.

Another benefit is that, once you’ve created your modifications, these modifications become editable in the FCP as well, perfect for when you collaborate with digital teams who enjoy experimenting by themselves, but who are not necessarily developers.

It’s fast. Develop faster than ever and hot-reload while you’re at it.

FProxy enables using live-previews and hot-reloads to significantly speed up development. Rather than having to commit and upload each and every time you want to see what your code does, you can now simply save your changes and instantly see the improvements you’ve made on the web page.

This is possible because FProxy consists of 2 parts, the command-line interface (CLI) and the FProxy server. While the CLI enables you to develop content on your own computer, it’s the server that really speeds up development.  

The FProxy server eliminates the need to upload content to the Frosmo back end. At the same time, this setup enables you to only reload the changes you’ve made rather than the entire web page. These live-previews and hot-reloads don’t just save you time, they also give less experienced developers a fast and easy way to learn exactly what their code does on the fly.

FProxy turns Frosmo into a developer’s dream.

Fast and easy. That’s how Frosmo believes front-end development should be. Now that FProxy is available for everyone, developers will certainly see a boost in productivity. Being able to make changes to any part of the website without a complicated setup and with all the benefits of hot-reloading is a big deal.

The developers at Frosmo have definitely fallen in love with it. We’re confident that you will too.

For more information on FProxy, please visit Frosmo Documentation Portal or contact us.

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