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Frosmo as the front end for your microservices architecture

Let’s talk about microservices architectures. Architectures in which companies use a set of smaller tools and services to create a modular and easier-to-develop environment. It’s the gateway to continuous development, delivery, and deployment.

In this wonderful world, you no longer have to worry about vendor lock-in and being held hostage by a handful of software companies. Instead, you’d operate a flexible and scalable IT environment where best-of-breed services coexist to create world-class experiences. And if something needs to change, you just go and change it.

Reasons to choose headless CMS

Headless CMS is a prerequisite for a true microservices architecture, especially for companies that value ecommerce. And let’s face it, every company should by now. This new generation of CMSs, in particular, is something that we’re very excited about at Frosmo.

With a headless CMS, a back-end only CMS that acts as a content database without styling anything or pushing it to the front end, you’re able to pick and choose which front-end tools and services you wish to work with. You’ll have complete control over content placement, visuals, testing, optimization and so on, and so forth.
One of the great benefits of a headless CMS is that you’re no longer bound to using the CMS for your website alone. Want to display your content on a watch, app, or AR glasses? Add the right microservices and off you go.

That also highlights the beauty of working with microservices. It’s modular. You can select the software that suits your front end needs. It makes content management and front-end improvements so much faster, more scalable, and flexible. And it’s going to be the future.

Frosmo is the head for your headless CMS

You can look at Frosmo as the head for your headless CMS. It is a microservice that provides front-end capabilities and a display layer according to your specifications. Frosmo can be used to create an entire website if you’d like to. Alternatively, you can use it for its personalization capabilities, to add better recommendations. Or, implement those fixes that are just too complex with other software.

Using React and Angular? Great, Frosmo can co-exist with Single Page Applications and be used as an admin layer for them. When marketing wants to do A/B -testing or use machine learning to automatically adjust display of variations, it’s all built in Frosmo, as well as personalized customer journeys. Everything needed to manage the head for the headless CMS can be done with Frosmo.

Frosmo can make any CMS headless

Why we’re particularly excited about this is because you don’t need your CMS to be headless to get started. Frosmo can use content from any CMS and allow JavaScript to do the heavy lifting for user experience creation. Or, alternatively, handle those improvements to your current setup that you can’t do yourself, perhaps due to vendor lock-ins and their limiting software capabilities.

Get the best of both worlds

One of the challenges companies face when adopting and maintaining a microservices architecture is that it relies heavily on cross-functional teams and disciplines to succeed. Developers are already in short supply so this way of working may not seem like an option for every company.

That’s where Frosmo services, or one of our partners, come in. Our front-end developers know how to collaborate with ecommerce teams and they’re experts in our own software, naturally.

Want to know what this new headless world would look like for you? Contact us.

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