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Bring agile development to the front end and experience optimization for IBM Commerce

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Conversion optimization and A/B testing


AI-driven recommendations


Experimentation-based UI development

Business case

Personalization and experience optimization boosts conversions, improves customer loyalty, and increases the average order values. It also improves the efficiency of digital marketing initiatives as web visitors receive experiences aligned with their expectations. Providing relevant content at the right moment of web visit also makes the overall customer experience better.  Agile UI development based on hypothesis and experiments helps to improve the site continuously.

Frosmo capabilities:

  • The Frosmo Platform brings agile development to the front end and utilizes the data from the back end. This allows extending the lifecycle of the current platform by controlling the front-end experience separately.
  • AI-powered recommendations increase customer satisfaction, repeated purchases, and the average order values with product recommendations including bundles, basket recommendations, and most bought or viewed products.
  • Create a high-performing, optimized site through continuous  A/B testing or AI-powered multi-armed bandit experiments.

Recommendations on the shopping cart page that are triggered only when the visitor has completed enough steps in the funnel.

To encourage impulse buys with inexpensive, generic recommendations OR cross-sell highly specific add-on products.

To increase the average order value.

Don’t disturb the purchase flow. Recommend items that can be added to the cart without viewing product details.

Fast time-to-market is essential in a fast-paced ecommerce business. With Frosmo, all the changes to the front end can be implemented around 30% faster.
Deneb Pettersson
Online Operations Manager, Clas Ohlson