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Enable fast front-end development and easy personalization for SAP Commerce Cloud


Cost-efficient and data-driven front-end development


Personalization and experience optimization


Utilizing open source technologies and data from many sources

Great customer experience starts with fast front-end development. The Frosmo Platform provides fast and easy front-end development from the idea to implementation as it doesn’t require any changes to the back-end systems. All development starts with a hypothesis of which version of content performs better and then test the hypothesis using Frosmo’s advanced testing features. The winning version of the front-end improvement can then stay in the personalized content layer run by Frosmo or implemented to the SAP Commerce Cloud.

Personalize every shopping experience. Every buyer is different. Frosmo provides an easy way to dynamic and relevant experiences. Designing and implementing digital customer journeys improves customer satisfaction and lowers customer acquisition costs. This is possible with the segments and triggers available in the Frosmo Platform.

You can increase the average order value with product recommendations including bundles, tip-to-toe, basket recommendations, and most bought or viewed products. A common way to increase basket value is to remind customers how much is missing from the order amount to take advantage of free shipping. You can also boost sales by enhancing seasonal campaigns with traffic optimization, and content personalization, as well as presales for logged-in users only.

Exploit the power of open source technologies and data from many sources. 
With Frosmo, you can deploy any JavaScript component to your site. This means you can take advantage of the massive open source community continuously developing and improving exciting JavaScript innovations. Often, creating the best digital experience requires using, for example, a CMS, an ecommerce platform, a CRM and a DMP, which might all be provided and maintained by different vendors. With the Frosmo Data Pipeline, it’s possible to combine them all for your customer’s benefit.

Fast time-to-market is essential in a fast-paced ecommerce business. With Frosmo, all the changes to the front end can be implemented around 30% faster.
Deneb Pettersson
Online Operations Manager, Clas Ohlson