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Improving user experiences since 2008

If you’re looking for the typical startup story, then this is not it. There was no eureka moment in a nondescript Finnish basement. This is not a story of drunken fun in a sauna, though we do have some of that, sometimes. No. Frosmo is a story of experimenting, hard work, and grit. Methodically looking for something, anything, that could help the internet become a better place.

Throughout the years, Frosmo has had many names and faces, but only one goal: to enable better online experiences.

The software and service as you know it started to take shape in 2011, but there were many wonderfully weird ideas that were demoed and prototyped before that. Even the company itself wasn’t named Frosmo until 2008.

A walk down memory lane with Mikael, or Miksu as he prefers, reveals: “There were 2 years in which we tried a boatload of stuff. The software probably wasn’t even safe, but we demoed it anyway and tried out so many things to find a market fit. We killed the vast majority of the ideas after trying them out for 3 to 6 months.”

Together with co-founders Henry, Aki, and Markku, the company came up with its first fleshed-out idea: FROSMO WORLD – the gaming platform.

In its own way, FROSMO WORLD was quite successful and at its peak promoted and monetized tens of flash games across a dozen or so networks. More importantly, it led to investors and employees. And when Frosmo decided to move on to bigger and better things, the people stayed.

From thereon the ideas came thick and fast, including a Groupon-style shopping solution, Frosmo’s first segmentation tool, and Social Optimizer – A way to personalize websites based on people’s Facebook profiles.

While none of these ideas made it in their entirety, they did all contribute to what the Frosmo platform is today. Segmentation? That’s one of the cornerstones of how Frosmo customizes websites. Personalization? You can’t improve user experiences without it. Groupon-style shopping solutions? That one did get dropped.

Then in 2011, it became apparent that one of the ideas might just be a winner. A concept that combined previous ideas to create a whole new way of developing your website through the browser, using little more than a JavaScript tag.

Frosmo has since moved away from being a software-only company, realizing that improving user experiences isn’t something that can be standardized or achieved without proper service. Frosmo is now operating a software and a service that helps large enterprise customers grow by delivering superior user experiences. And that’s straight from the brochure.

Long gone are the times that the company consisted of four guys, crammed into a closet-sized office. After several upgrades, and a brief period of coding in a defunct movie theater, HQ can now be found at a vibrant office in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Further offices are situated in major cities in Asia and Europe.

Frosmo isn’t a success story just yet. There are still bad user experiences to be found all across the web and as users continue to suffer, we’ll continue on our mission to help the world to create better user experiences.

To be continued…

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