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Improved usability leads to increased conversions for Fuerte hotels

  • Increase in conversions
  • Data-driven development
  • Freedom to try new ideas

Fuerte Hotels, a group of Spanish hotels and apartments with a focus on the well-being of both people and the environment, makes use of FROSMO’s expertise in UX development and successful collaborations with other well-known hotel chains to provide their users with superior user experiences.

It’s all the little things combined that create the overall user experience on a website. With this in mind, Fuerte set out to find improvements in the margins to improve and increase conversions. For Fuerte, the devil truly is in the details.

We have experience in hotel chains, but we also want to build on data. To rely on figures and experience.
Javier Guevara, SEM Executive

Using data as a development driver

Javier is continuously experimenting with changes, whilst always keeping an eye on conversion rates. By combining Google Analytic’s data with the data provided by FROSMO, it quickly becomes apparent where gains can be made. Coming up with new ideas, guided by figures to pursuit these gains, that’s exactly what data-driven development is about.

A small, but significant, improvement was made when the calendar functionality was altered by FROSMO. By testing ideas that would, in theory, make the calendar more usable, calendar usage saw a clear increase in conversions, thus the highest performing idea was implemented.

Work with tests and rely on the resulting data as a basis to make the next set of changes. Use FROSMO’s experience to come up with new ideas. And, perhaps most importantly, never stop improving. Continuous development. Together with FROSMO, Fuerte can.

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