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Increase user retention and conversions through target group improvements

Triggers and target groups make it possible to give users the content they want in more detail than ever. Better yet, these customized experiences can be delivered seamlessly to users both cross-channel and cross-domain.

Combined with the possibility to create an unlimited number of segments, each custom journey for each user can be made unique and with that, uniquely memorable.

By continuously delivering a memorable experience through more personally relevant content the likelihood increases that users will convert and repurchase.

Making the most of segments

For companies that work with multiple domains, it’s invaluable to be able to share segment information cross-domain. Delivering a personalized experience from the first visit, without having to recollect data on users, greatly improves your chances of getting a user to convert and come back. For this, Frosmo has created target groups.

Target groups are segments, or combinations of segments, from one domain such as a dedicated mobile site that can be used on another domain like the desktop version or localized versions of a website.

Turning users into VIPs

Working with target groups and without segment restrictions means that the possibilities are endless. Something that’s been put into practice exceptionally well by one of the UK’s leading online gaming companies.

“By storing hashed versions of players’ unique IDs, we give players a proper cross-device experience,” says Matias, Project Manager at Frosmo UK. For this particular customer, the unique IDs can also be used to deliver truly unique experiences.

As Matias explains, “The client can give us the IDs of valuable players that deserve a VIP treatment. These players then get to see a custom overlay, uniquely created for them and with all the benefits a VIP deserves. More often than not, we see an increase in both the value and frequency of the wagers.” And it’s these kinds of experiences that can turn valuable customers into fans.

Using segments to sell more

Segments don’t just need to be used to create true one-to-one experiences, they can also be used effectively to show specific messages to a broader audience.

Ville, Project Manager for Frosmo Finland, has created a solution where his client, a large player in the film industry, shows different messages to users based on the expiry dates of their purchased ticket bundles.

The goal was to reduce the number of unspent tickets since customers who didn’t use all their tickets saw the ticket bundles as poor value for money. Customers who did purchase and used all tickets, however, gained the full benefits of purchasing in bundles and often returned to repurchase.

“We’ve created segments that first of all check if customers have any valid tickets and if they don’t we offer tickets to them. For customers that do have tickets left, we place them in mutually exclusive segments that show different messages based on when the product expires. We remind and encourage the customers to use their tickets to avoid tickets going to waste. Once the tickets have been used, the cycle starts over and we start offering bundles again. This way we can increase value for both the company and customer.”

Test complex ideas quickly

Segment by observing, analyzing, and defining what makes users tick, how they behave, and what they want. This is the first step in creating truly relevant personalized experiences.

With the way Frosmo handles segments, you can come up with the most complex use cases and test them quickly. Find out what works and what doesn’t to create experiences that convert and are worth coming back for.

Get in touch and see how we can make the most of segments and target groups for you. Contact us at

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