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Is your marketing automation delivering the WOW effect?

marketing automation delivers wow effect

There’s a lot bubbling under in the MarTech space at the moment. I was in the MarTech Nordic 2019 event yesterday listening to inspiring marketing leaders from the most innovative companies in the world talking about what’s hot in marketing, Airbnb and Über to mention a couple. 

You’d probably think that in such an event, they’d talk about all the cool technologies they use to master the markets. But no, quite the contrary. We were reminded that technology doesn’t solely solve the core marketing problems of creating unforgettable experiences. Speakers also emphasized the importance of humanization in technology and that storytelling gives the customer or user a voice to tell their stories freely. 

It’s really worthwhile to think about why we fall in love with some brands and why the rest are put in the category of insignificance. What makes brands loveable? Monika Werthén, Marketing Director at Über Nordics, put it nicely, saying, “All the brands need a bit of fluff – that secret ingredient that makes people relate and love them.”

Now let’s go back to the world of MarTech. During the last couple of years, most marketers have invested in marketing automation technology in hopes of having a magic machine to get the brand message across their target groups. And yes, marketing automation has delivered – to a certain point. But something is definitely missing from the package. 

What I could hear from the marketing decision-makers I talked to during the event was a slight frustration that the marketing engines they have built have stopped delivering the results. Is it because many are using the same kind of content and tactics? Or is it because we think like engineers too much and focus on getting the engine working but at the same time forget the importance of fluff and the whole customer experience?

Many were also frustrated that the personalization you get in the marketing automation campaigns stops once the customer or website visitor lands on the website. All the intelligence that is gathered about the preferences of the customer/visitor sits in CRM or marketing automation tools and not utilized enough to continue the unique customer journey on the website. 

Personalization software complements marketing automation tools to continue the unique customer experience on the website. It gives more freedom for marketers to express the brand all throughout the journey and creates possibilities to create those small moments that make people go WOW, they know me, and appreciate my choices. 

To sum up, every visitor is different and every visit they make is different. Relentlessly seek the information to know your visitors as much possible and use the data to create personalized customer journeys on your website. Personalization software makes magic happen a bit easier than before.

About the writer:

Tanja Säde is the Chief of Marketing at Frosmo. With 20 years of experience in technology marketing, she is always curious about the latest technologies and marketing trends. She is enthusiastic about creating superior digital customer experiences through data, personalization, and AI. Outside of work, she is a yoga addict.

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