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JavaScript Developers, Finland

Are you looking for a job that challenges you, motivates you, and allows you to become a better version of yourself every day? Then look no further! Frosmo is growing and is actively seeking talented people to join our international team.

Frosmo is a Finnish software company based in Helsinki with offices in Poland, Spain, UK, and Sweden. It operates in the Digital Experience Management and offers companies the platform to manage and develop their front end on top of any content management system, ecommerce platform, and marketing stack. Frosmo allows companies to adopt artificial intelligence models and bypass complicated deployment and data collection systems.

To support Frosmo’s continued success we are looking for 

JavaScript Developers

Who we think will succeed in this role:

You know how modern browsers and JavaScript environment work, what common libraries do, and what you can do with them. You have a few years of experience working as a developer combined with a theoretical background. You read blogs, listen to podcasts, and live on the bleeding edge of JavaScript and browser technology. You’re not only familiar with the community of products but you’re also always one step ahead when it comes to upcoming releases and new trends.

We’d love a developer with an inventive mind who comes up with concepts and ideas, thinks about how to actually develop those ideas, communicates about them with our Technical Project Managers and customers, and then implements them.

This is what you’ll be doing:

  • Proactively create and present new ideas
  • Innovate, test, and everything in between (full development process)
  • Create clear documentation on the projects you are working on
  • Work closely with your Technical Project Manager to help them find the best technical solutions for the customers’ online businesses using Frosmo’s software
  • Study, learn, and challenge yourself

Experience and skills:

  • Few years of professional experience developing web applications with JavaScript, CSS, HTML and REST APIs
  • Strong DOM (Document Object Model) and browser behavior knowledge
  • Good understanding of Promises, closures, ES6, and modern front end frameworks e.g. React, Vue, Angular
  • Experience in writing tests and documentation
  • Experience in tools such as Webpack, GIT, and Jira
  • Fluent in English

Based on the technologies we are using, these skills would be helpful:

  • Experience with other languages e.g. PHP, Go and Python
  • Knowledge of SQL and other databases such as Redis, DynamoDB, and Elasticsearch
  • Creating and maintaining Docker containers in a production environment
  • Experience with CI/CD in a production environment
  • Infrastructure as code such as Serverless, Terraform, and Cloudformation
  • Machine learning and data visualization using Jupyter notebooks, Plotly, and Seaborn

We offer you an amazing opportunity to:

  • Be a valued and crucial part of Frosmo’s growth adventure
  • Experience working in a multicultural team with common goals
  • Be involved with clients in interesting tasks and large volumes of traffic
  • Build large scale solutions with the latest technologies
  • Influence our constantly evolving technical environment
  • Good benefits which we are happy to tell you more
  • Grow as a professional within a culture that recognizes values such as: be yourself together, always aim higher, and learn, change and challenge

If this sounds like you and you want to join our expanding and exciting company on our journey to digitize commerce, apply as soon as possible. We’ll review applications as we receive them and interviews of potential candidates will begin right away so make sure you are first in the line! For more information, contact HR Specialist, Rosita Wakkola: rosita.wakkola(at)

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People in different roles have different perspectives. So getting input from a wide spectrum is important to me.
Markku, Development Director
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