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We are Frosmonauts and Frosmo is our home. Together we work, laugh, lunch, create, grow, and overcome. 

My most memorable moment at FROSMO? Replacing PHP with GO APIs and with proper instrumentation. So satisfying!
Aki, CTO
I value very much if employees keep their word. If they promise something and then it happens. Honesty, in a way. When you’re honest, everything else flows nicely.
Henry, Product Director

Fellow Frosmonauts

With colleagues of 33 different nationalities and 27 languages, we’re truly international. Tolerant, talented and ambitious would be few words that would describe every Frosmonaut. And if these words resonate with you, then you’d probably be a great fit.

Incredible office locations

Frosmo’s headquarters is a modern and vibrant office situated at the trendy area of Kalasatama, Helsinki. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Other offices are equally conveniently located in major cities across Europe.

Competitive salaries & bonuses

Got ambition? So do we, and our willingness to pay for top skills reflect that. On top of that, Frosmo recognizes and rewards those who go above and beyond.

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