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Join the LinkedIn event

Fri | 28 May | 2:00 pm EET / 1pm CET

Grow online sales with personalization and recommendations

Electronics retailer Power shares the lessons they've learned from implementing and utilizing personalized product recommendations.

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About the event


In this 60-minute session, learn about how digital experiences encompass the interactions a person has with your brand. Join the LinkedIn event hosted by experts from Frosmo and Nordics leading electronics retailer Power.

The speakers will discuss the importance of creating superior digital experiences to drive success and gain a competitive advantage. They will also talk about the implementation of best practices and what Power expects from their SaaS vendors. In the end, Frosmo will share best practices about personalizing different points of the customer journey and what KPIs to use.

As a takeaway, you’ll get the recording of the presentations.


Timo Vuori
Chief Sales Officer, Frosmo
Jarkko Lehtismäki
CTO, Power
Matti Haavisto
Customer Success Manager, Frosmo

The agenda

Discussion between Power and Frosmo

Personalization at different points of the customer journey

Calculating business case for personalization - what results you can expect

Frosmo retail blueprint demo

Knowledge sharing about getting started and where to get immediate value


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