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Making front-end development safer and simpler with Workspaces

Use workspaces to safely develop and test website modifications and other features in your production environment. Avoid unexpected errors with an easy-to-set-up-and-use solution that looks, works, and behaves just like your live site.

Workspaces is a unique Frosmo solution. It uses JavaScript to provide front-end teams with a way to develop and test in production environments, based on the same principles that are used to show unique digital experience layers to website visitors. The feature eliminates the need for separate development servers while making it easier and faster to stage, test, and share.

Testing changes on a live site without the need for development servers

By eliminating the need for development servers, workspaces also eliminate the risk of ending up with website changes that look and behave perfectly in development but cause revenue-reducing and site-crippling errors once put in production.

At the same time, collaboration between front-end and ecommerce teams becomes easier than ever, since sharing development progress is as simple as copying and pasting a review page URL. Gone are the days of complicated setup processes and having to manage access rights.

Using JavaScript to deliver a unique solution

At Frosmo, we continue to look for innovative ways to make people’s lives easier with the help of JavaScript. In that respect, workspaces is no different. A workspace is a digital experience layer that includes copies of all your active modifications, displayed on top of your production environment. It’s a version of your website that only you and your colleagues can see.

In a way, workspaces are a personalized version of your website, solely for internal development and testing purposes.

It’s simply fast and vastly simple

Even after improving user experiences for customers for the past 9 years, or perhaps because of this, we know how easy it is to make a small error with undesirable results. Collaboration between different teams in different locations using different browsers has also been a challenge from time to time.

Sure, Frosmo developers and project managers have gotten scarily good at avoiding mistakes and guiding people to ensure everyone is seeing the same content and layouts, but it still feels like tempting faith.

With workspaces, testing and collaborating has gotten faster, without the risks of discrepancies between different environments. It’s just so useful and simple that when Frosmo’s brightest minds came up with the idea there was a collective “Why didn’t we think of this sooner?” Luckily, now we did.

Watch recent Workspaces webinar recording.

Workspaces are used by Frosmo developers as part of Professional Services. Customers who use the Frosmo Control Panel can purchase workspaces as an add-on. For more information, please contact

The guide on how to set up and use workspaces can be found in Frosmo Documentation.

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