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Mobile-friendly solution for Markkinointi-instituutti website leads to 629,2% increase in conversions

  • Enabling mobile responsiveness regardless of platform limitations
  • Vastly improved mobile experience
  • Increase in mobile conversions

The importance of a superior user experience on mobile devices is clear when simply looking at the increase in mobile conversions for Markkinointi-instituutti: 692,9%. For Markkinointi-instituutti, Finland’s leading provider of training for business professionals, this means more clients and revenue.

Enrollment on devices other than a desktop or laptop proved previously practically impossible on Markkinointi-instituutti’s website. FROSMO developed an entirely new mobile responsive overlay in less than 100 hours to correct this flaw. Judging from the numbers, the overlay was exactly what they needed.

Our website platform doesn’t allow changes easily, so making our website responsive in any other way would’ve been hard work.
Tiina Lammi, Digital Communications Manager

Taking the website beyond its technical limitations

Mobile-friendly websites are of course nothing new, but depending on legacy systems, enabling the experience can be resource intensive, both time and money-wise. It’s a tasking, near impossible, challenge for an IT department to make major alterations every time new technology and trends arrive.

For Markkinointi-instituutti, the solution had to be a quick and simple one. By partnering with FROSMO, the challenge could be solved by developing directly in the browser. As an added bonus,  their internal IT team could continue their work without interruption. Now it’s business as usual, but without the company missing out on online sales.

Now that the biggest challenge has been overcome it’s time to look at other areas of improvements, such as finding solutions on how to reduce abandonment and catching key information prior to people leaving. With FROSMO, Markkinointi-instituutti has more freedom than ever to experiment and improve their digital domain, both on mobile and beyond.

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