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Personalization for ecommerce platforms

Personalization and recommendations for any ecommerce platform

It doesn’t matter if you run Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify, SAP or HCL (former IBM) Commerce. Frosmo works with all ecommerce platforms, because it utilizes Google’s standards for data tracking and product information. We have a free trial option available.

Why choose Frosmo

Early churn prediction

Drive business


Personalization and recommendations have a significant impact on click-through and conversion rates.

Save time



Frosmo adapts to visitor’s every click and business attributes are easy to add.

Increased player lifetime value

Future-proof architecture

Real-time data tracking using the datalayer, third-party cookies not needed.

Implementing personalized customer journeys with Frosmo can reap amazing results


Better CTR


Purchase conversion


Increase in AOV

How to use product recommendations on different page types?

Frosmo offers a retail recommendation best practice template to start with. This covers the most efficient recommendation strategies for different page types. The starter pack includes recommendations for the front page, all category pages and all product pages. Read more about best practices for these different page types.

How Frosmo works with different ecommerce platforms


Frosmo provides fast and easy personalization, targeting, and testing for ecommerce platforms.

  • Frosmo works at the front-end of the ecommerce site and does not require third-party cookies
  • Frosmo creates AI-driven product recommendations based on contextual and real-time behavioral data. There’s a no-code user interface to create your own strategies and you always have full visibility into how each recommendation strategy works.
  • Rule-based personalization can be used to modify any element of your website.
  • Data tracking happens through datalayer events, we recommend using Google Enhanced Ecommerce -standard for your datalayer
  • Product information is updated using a feed, for example Google Shopping Feed. Any attributes available on the feed can be used to filter recommendations.
  • You can use our easy-to-customize recommendation components or a React Connector

Knowing everything about your visitors and using that information to create a personalized journey maximizes the value of your digital service.

  • Frosmo allows you to define rules based on data about your visitors, current context, and visitors’ preferences to personalize the visitor journey in your digital service.
  • You can increase the average order value with product recommendations including bundles, tip-to-toe, basket recommendations, and most bought or viewed products.
  • Experimentation is important as even a small change can turn into big revenue. Use the algorithm-based multi-armed bandit to create high-performing and continuously optimized content based on current trends in buying behavior.

Personalize every shopping experience

How does personalization impact your business? 

Calculate how much you would benefit from personalization.

The retail business case calculator has been created to share the amazing business results we’ve witnessed in retail clients over the past ten years.

The calculator is free to use – no sign-up or registration required. Based on these data points and your assessment of your current level of personalization, you’ll be able to see how much growth, incremental revenue, and additional margin could be generated in Frosmo’s experience by improving the degree of personalization in your business.

Better optimized shopping funnels, lower bounce rates, better ROI in
advertising spend, larger average order sizes, better cross-selling, and the list goes on. Do these challenges in your online retail sound

The ebook introduces various aspects of personalization in online retail and its’ benefits for both customers and brands.





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