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Continuous UX improvements driven by dreams

Frosmo is a software and a service. This means that you’re not stuck with a set of predefined features and you don’t have to worry about running out of IT resources. In short, you’re free to dream and execute your wildest and most differentiating ideas.

When the offerings, logistics, tools, and software that companies use to operate their websites become more and more standardized, the company that offers the best online experience is the one that will convince users to stay and buy. Simply put, the ability to continuously deliver superior user experiences is an absolute competitive advantage in ecommerce.

Drive website changes that were previously too difficult or costly

Got an idea that you think we can’t possibly implement? Try us. Time and time again, Frosmo has enhanced user experiences in ways that customers thought weren’t possible. From full website overlays to complete mobile sites and cross-domain personalization. And these modifications weren’t made just there to look good. They convert, too.

Provide unique user experiences

The perfect website would probably be different for every user since their needs vary. With Frosmo, you can provide users with customized experiences based on, for example, their browsing behavior, geolocation, and even the weather.

Increase conversions by making use of an unlimited number of segments to deliver unique experiences. Now that’s something worth imagining.

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