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This is your profile, created by Frosmo based on your browsing behavior. Each time you interact with the website, we collect data to create a relevantly personalized experience for you.

Make data-based UX decisions that pay off

Understand your customers by analyzing their behavior. With Frosmo, you can provide users with the right incentives on a user-by-user basis and in return, you’ll increase loyalty, retention, and ROI.

Connect Frosmo to your CRM, Analytics, and more

Let the data from various tools work together and come to new insights and ideas. Previously collected data combined with the data gathered through Frosmo will provide you with fresh development opportunities and dynamic content. 2-way integrations between your data and Frosmo will enable even the most complex idea to be implemented.

Segment users by the numbers

Deliver customized experiences for users by segmenting them. Use data on browsing behavior, past purchases, products viewed, geolocation, or anything else that can be tracked. The segments can be as simple or as complex as the situation requires. Ideas can be turned into rules and the rules, together with the data, can form an unlimited number of segments.

Get creative. Take Aalto University for example, who segment users that are connected to the on-campus internet to provide students with an altogether more relevant browsing experience. Anything is possible. That goes for both web UI development in general, as well as for the segmentation of users in particular.

Safely collecting user data

Frosmo is fully EU compliant, the strictest kind of compliant, when it comes to data collection. Your data is yours alone and completely anonymized for Frosmo.

Banks and insurance companies from the Nordics, as well as online gaming companies worldwide, have tested FROSMO’s security and trust us to provide their users with thousands of customized experiences. Daily.

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