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A website development platform & service that complements IT departments

Have Frosmo make your frontend changes so that your IT department can direct its resources towards other key tasks. This enables both the IT and website development departments to get more things done faster and more efficiently.

Frontend and backend can be developed simultaneously since Frosmo is based on a web UI development methodology, where the backend is left alone and an overlay is created and delivered with JavaScript. Your own IT work won’t be affected and if there’s ever any need, the Frosmo overlay can simply be turned off.

Add the tag, Frosmo takes care of the rest

All you have to do is add the Frosmo JavaScript tag to the head element of your website to connect to the development platform and Frosmo will be able to handle your company’s online experience needs.

The delivery team that will service your company knows all about the best practices of frontend development and receives frequent training to further their JavaScript knowledge and competencies. They are frontend experts that are trusted to work full-time on some of the biggest websites from industry leaders worldwide.

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