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Reuse UI code to speed up your next creation

Say hello to modification templates! The nifty new templates are a convenient way to reuse and repurpose code within the Frosmo Platform. Instead of creating dozens of nearly identical modifications, the overlays that improve your website’s UX, you can now duplicate and alter them with the click of a button, speeding up the process and eliminating the possibility of errors creeping in.

This user-friendliness is particularly helpful for teams that like to create hundreds of variations for different segments.

One template – multiple modifications

When you have all the code that relates to the structure and placement of your modifications in one place it’s super easy to create variations. You only need to load up the template and edit the variables to create different versions. It’s so simple that even a non-techie can do it. Over and over again. Updating the template will also conveniently update all the modifications that use it.

A major Finnish media company uses the templates to suggest further news articles for consumption to its visitors. The templates enable including multiple articles without having to create a separate modification for each suggestion. Using this method, the company can now painlessly display suggestions in their news elevator.

“Templates have reduced the risk of introducing errors and at the same time make it really convenient to update web content across all segments.” – Riikka, Project Manager, Frosmo

One template – separate data sources

Since templates leave room for variables to be added to different modifications, each modification can make use of a separate data source. Additionally, data can be modified before displaying the modification.

So if we continue with the example from above, the news suggestions can easily be adapted for different parts of the website, or based on the visitor’s interests, where the news suggestions show more relevant articles. This personalized user experience will result in a higher consumption of news articles.

It’s easy to do the same for tangible products. Retailers can, for example, recommend products that are in stock at the visitor’s nearest location.

Modification templates make life easier

Modification templates are fast, convenient and reduce coding errors. Creating new modifications and enabling variations is easier than ever before, taking away the mundane and leaving developers with time to pursue more ambitious projects elsewhere.

Internally, Frosmo developers have been using the templates for a while and with great results. The number of modifications delivered has increased while the number of faulty ones has reduced for the same time period. It’s just great and now you can do it all by yourself.

For a step-by-step guide on how to enable templates and how to use them, visit Frosmo Documentation or contact your Frosmo Project Manager.

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