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Tots To Travel boosts conversions 9% by introducing new pages through FROSMO

  • Fast development
  • Increased conversions
  • Entirely new experiences

FROSMO is typically used to alter user experiences by adding modifications to pages. For Tots To Travel however, entire pages were created and redesigned with FROSMO, resulting in an impressive 9% increase in conversions.

Having FROSMO add the pages was a logical step to take for the family-friendly travel agency, as the additional workload of doing it internally would’ve taken away valuable resources from their own IT team. Now, the pages have been delivered faster and without having to make any changes to the backend. Additionally, it’s now much easier to alter and adjust what’s already on the page to further optimize the user experience.

The reason why we went with FROSMO is that we wanted to try and design something better. Quickly.
David Joudrey, Digital Optimisation Manager

Providing a more immersive experience

When you are looking for a holiday destination, you’re not just looking for a room with a view. You’re longing for a feeling. To give users a real sense of what it’s like to visit the destinations on offer, pages were updated to become more visually pleasing and informative. More importantly: They give the users a better sense of what the holiday experience would be like.

It’s these broad changes and customer-centric way of thinking that got Tots To Travel such a great increase in conversions, alongside the capability of displaying the changes quickly and without straining internal IT resources.

Making the most of the Fail Faster principle

“Being able to chuck ideas at the screen,” as David calls it, “is one of the great benefits for Tots.” Making quick and intelligent decisions based on testing and data is what provides tots To Travel with a steady basis for the continuous development of their site.

Moving fast is key, especially in a content-heavy industry such as the travel industry. Those who can offer the most up-to-date and pleasing experiences win. FROSMO’s know-how in providing superior user experiences for the travel industry, and providing a way to deliver them quickly, is one of the biggest competitive advantages a digital travel agency can have.

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