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TwinSpires relies on Frosmo to increase conversions and acquisitions

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  • Increased conversions
  • Superior development speed
  • Customized user experience

When you work in a peak driven business, superior user experiences are created by displaying engaging and up-to-date content. For these companies, altering content in near-real time is essential to grab users’ attention and increase conversions and acquisitions.

TwinSpires is active in 35+ highly competitive US states and to compete in online gaming they need to be dynamic. Frosmo enables TwinSpires to rapidly develop and implement new ideas to provide users with customized experiences.

Highlight what’s important

When a user visits, they’re usually ready to bet on their favorite event or horse. So it makes sense to highlight that particular event or horse as early as possible in the user journey. And with Frosmo, TwinSpires is able to do so right on their homepage.

By personalizing which races a user sees, by segmenting them according to previous actions taken on the site, the convenience of using the site greatly increases. The right races are displayed above the fold, and the betting itself now only takes 4-ish clicks compared to the 15-odd clicks required when the Frosmo overlay is turned off.

Offering a different experience for 1 day only – The Kentucky Derby

For TwinSpires, Christmas always comes early and it’s celebrated on the first Saturday in May. The Kentucky Derby is the most anticipated and most-visited horse race in the US – and it’s owned by TwinSpires’ parent company.

The combination of tradition, TV ads, and carefully built-up anticipation means that the Derby is the absolute peak day on the TwinSpires website. And for one day only, Frosmo delivers all the required modifications to make it as easy as possible for the hundreds of thousands of visitors to place their bets at exactly the right time.

Each TV ad alone can send tens of thousands of visitors to the site in mere minutes. That’s a true omnichannel experience.

Working together to deliver a convenient experience safely & reliably

When you have such a massive day, everything has to go as planned. Downtimes or delays in load times are a conversion-killer. When the horses are in their boxes, the betters want to place their bets, and not a single moment sooner – or later for that matter.

Now that Frosmo implements the latest UI changes and ideas, TwinSpires’ own IT team can focus on performance. Everyone and everything has to come together just right for the biggest race of the year.

As for the rest of the year, users have easy access to those races and horses they’re genuinely interested in. For a company where split seconds can literally mean the difference between winning or losing, a partner like Frosmo is a true competitive advantage


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