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Use Frosmo to personalize and improve your Hybris websites

SAP Hybris is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to managing multiple complex B2B and B2C ecommerce websites through a single platform. The platform boasts numerous high-quality add-ons to create a setup that’s just right for its users. For the price and lengthy implementation times you wouldn’t expect anything less and Hybris websites often are near-perfect at launch.

However, your should continuously develop your website as visitor preferences shift. A website that’s perfect at launch may become outdated in a matter of months unless you keep up with the trends.

But how do you keep an extensive and slow-to-develop website up-to-date? How do you overcome Hybris’ very few weaknesses to reap the full rewards from its strengths? You do so by using a lightweight solution that enables all the front-end changes you were dreaming of and more.

The Frosmo Platform, with the use of a simple JavaScript tag, enables ecommerce teams to experiment with anything that’s related to the user experience. Frosmo lets you collect behavior-related data and alter content and layouts based on people’s preferences. You can use this knowledge and freedom to run tests backed by machine learning.

And, when you’ve gathered convincing results, you get your Hybris team to implement the winners. Or, if they’re too busy with other projects, you safely display the content through Frosmo. Your visitors won’t notice the difference.

Measure interactions to deliver relevant user experiences

Combine your analytics with the data gathered through the Frosmo Platform to create visitor profiles, named segments within Frosmo. These segments are ideal for accurate behavioral predictions and key in providing relevant user experiences.

You can use segments to improve shopping funnels, taking into consideration each visitor’s specific preferences and that includes their all-important GDPR settings. For the latter, you can give visitors the option to display a fully personalized experience or show them only those website improvements that don’t make use of visitor-specific data.

Another traditionally time-consuming improvement that can be done through the Frosmo Platform is the offering of dynamic product bundles based on personal interest. These bundles are a great way to increase revenue and average order values. Frosmo enables you to quickly experiment with the configurations and displays of these bundles before you fully implement them in Hybris.

Create the winning formula with SAP Hybris and Frosmo

When you’re using the best ecommerce platforms out there, you’re already ahead of the pack. But to create winning user experiences, it’s the details that matter. In the age of instant-everything, having a solution that enables experimentation with such details will prove to be invaluable. It’s the key to continuous development and the perfect way to turn an already good SAP Hybris site into a great one.

Read more how Reima, as globally leading brand in functional kids’ wear, is creating superior customer experiences with SAP Hybris and Frosmo.

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