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Venuepoint reduced manual work and increased conversions through personalization

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  • Minimize the manual workload by eliminating CMS limitations
  • Increase ticket sales through improved user experience
  • Help visitors find relevant and interesting events easily

Venuepoint is a provider of professional ticketing services owned by Nordisk Film and Eventim. Venuepoint operates in 25 countries and transmits more than 140 million tickets yearly for over 200 000 concerts, sports events, and other cultural events. The mission of the company is to be an active partner to its clients by offering help with marketing, sales strategy, and visitor communication, and by ensuring customers have the smoothest possible ticket purchase flow.

“I would recommend Frosmo to any company that struggles with making fast front-end changes because of inflexible systems or slow-moving organization. Once the Frosmo script is in place, making changes yourself is easy and, most importantly, the changes are instantly implemented on the site.”

Carmen Wilkes Uhre, eCommerce Manager, Venuepoint

Achieving results through Frosmo

The first challenges the Frosmo team started to solve for Venuepoint were the massive manual workload and the need to increase ticket sales with personalized functions. Together with Venuepoint, the team researched the interests and needs of the visitors and discovered new ways of targeting that also benefit Venuepoint’s existing clients.

As one of their first implementations through the Frosmo Platform, Venuepoint published new geo-targeted hero banners on their Danish website relying on geolocation-based visitor segmentation. After 30 days, the relative increase in the click-through rate (CTR) and the conversion rate of the banners was significant.

Venuepoint also used the Frosmo Platform’s product tracking functionality to replace manual event recommendations on the site front page with recommendations based on most viewed events, once again seeing an increase in the CTR and conversions after just one month.

Continuous development with minimal overhead

“We wanted the cooperation to be as easy as possible for Venuepoint, making sure there are no unnecessary meetings or other tasks creating overhead. In the first briefing workshop, we set the goals for supporting Venuepoint’s business strategy and planned a roadmap for the next 6 months. Currently, we only have one short weekly meeting to check the status of the ongoing operations. We want our clients to feel that Frosmo is solving their problems and creating business value for them. We’ve succeeded when our clients can easily try out new ideas and experience the benefits of our agile methods. Continuous development, sparring, and answering our clients’ ever-changing needs are our drivers and guarantee results”, says Jarkko Jussila, Senior Ecommerce Project Manager, Frosmo.

Frosmo allows improving website user experience without making changes in the back-end systems. For example, Frosmo has created automated theme pages for Venuepoint to promote various musical themes. Concepts such as “Classical Spring” or “Summer Festival” combine similar musical events to a single page, thus helping potential customers find events relevant to them. Venuepoint is also using the Frosmo Platform as its content management system for adding events to the front page of their site.

“The Frosmo team is very service-minded and they always respond quickly to any questions or issues we may have. They have an obvious passion for what they do, which makes them exciting to work with.”

Carmen Wilkes Uhre, eCommerce Manager, Venuepoint


  • Minimize the manual workload by eliminating CMS limitations.
  • Increase ticket sales through improved user experience.
  • Help visitors find relevant and interesting events easily.


  • Replace manual event recommendations on the front page with recommendations for most viewed events.
  • Conduct continuous A/B and multivariate testing and analyze front page elements to see what works best.
  • Add geo-targeted hero banners and personalized content based on visitor segmentation.


  • Working time spent on website management decreased significantly.
  • For event recommendations, after 30 days the relative increase in the click-through rate (CTR) was +107,83% and in the conversion rate +41,09% when manual event recommendations on the front page were replaced with most viewed events.
  • For hero banners, the relative increase in the CTR was +145% and the conversion rate +153% when the banners were personalized.

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