Increasing sales is slow and painful

The biggest challenge faced by companies is the continued struggle to generate increased online revenues. Inflexible eCommerce platforms don’t offer the required features to rapidly test different kinds of approaches. To work around the issue, companies tend to add one-feature solutions for testing. This in turn further complicates the process, creates even more confusion for the operative teams and slows down the business as it becomes difficult to figure out what works and what doesn't.



The only way to successful eCommerce growth

… is continuous iterative testing on a massive scale. It's a source of knowledge that helps you stand out in the market. The most successful eCommerce companies have teams dedicated to testing as it is highly important. The upper management needs to understand how tests support the chosen strategy and if it's the right way to go.
Frosmo is the only company in the market that enables this with a unique set of features through a Javascript-based solution.

Collecting already over 1 billion data entries each day.


Why should you use Frosmo?

eCommerce companies need to focus on understanding and forming a solid strategy to stand out on the market and grow sales. Frosmo helps you test and execute this strategy directly at your online store. Your operative team can quickly test what kind of approach is best for the strategy. Additionally, your company’s upper management has a clear transparent way to track performance of selected approaches.

We simplified conversion optimization. You start by testing small and simple assumptions related to certain user segments. Then continue by adding your own segmentation and content display rules, making sure that the combination of these actions has a positive impact on sales. We work closely with you as your partner to help you create your own approach to achieve success in eCommerce. It’s an iterative cycle and we will make it as easy as possible.

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