Frosmo conversion optimization.
Give your customers the best of your website.

    • No need to wait for the IT department to implement your marketing ideas.

    • Test various optimization concepts on-the-fly: no changes to the website.

    • First software to combine segmentation, personalization and retargeting in one process.



Your Benefits


Stand out on the web

Websites have a similar look, experimenting involves a lot of work and middle men. With Frosmo you can fully personalize every touch point shared with your customer: from site content to banner ads - without involving your IT department.


Build an original strategy

Out-of-the-box solutions rarely offer a unique advantage, and best practices get copied instantly. Frosmo software can be tailored to fit your goals, using your data to create an optimal experience for your customers.  

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The power is in testing

Distinctive approach to customer retention brings higher revenues. Frosmo gives you a possibility to test your ideas fast and implement the ones that bring the best results.

Customer Testimonials


Working with Frosmo has been very easy going and agile. We have been able to boost our behaviour based personalization with their help. Combining our client database and Frosmo's cookie data we can make much better offers to our customers. We can also use personalization to attract smaller user groups, e.g. people who have started registration, but not completed it etc. We can also re-target our campaigns for our active users. 

- Eetu Paloheimo,
Digital Sales Group Manager at Veikkaus


Frosmo software has enabled us to reach out to different customer segments more efficiently without using up too much real estate on our web site. Frosmo team is quick to reply to all support issues and have always been open to develop new features according to our needs. I would recommend Frosmo as a flexible partner to other companies that are looking for personalization solutions.

- Hans Broman, 
Web and E-commerce Manager at Tjäreborg


Thanks to our cooperation with Frosmo we managed to create a unique targeting solution based on our visitors' behaviour and interests. For our advertising clients it also means more qualified contacts and better results. Frosmo team has been very active towards us, considered our development ideas and aimed to build a product that suits our needs as well as possible. I absolutely recommend Frosmo's expertise and technical skills to others.

- Jukka Pulkkinen, 
Head of Sales Team at Otavamedia

How does it work?



Frosmo setup is a very simple process and doesn’t require any complex integrations. Register on Frosmo website and get a confirmation email with a link. The link will redirect you to our website, where you will be already logged in and able to access your tracking code. Copy the Javascript code into your website HTML. It’s done!



The assistance you will receive depends on the plan you choose: free or paid. You can start user segmentation, personalization and retargeting with the help of our instructions and tutorials (software fee only) and learn as you go, or you can get a manager to help and build up a strategy with you (paid service + software fee).


Pricing & Outcomes

We aim to deliver optimal value. Our prices change, depending on the amount of displays and the service you wish to get.   Find out more about Frosmo pricing  
Varying from case to case we have seen our clients’ sales rise from 5% to 300%, accompanied by a steady growth of website virality and customer satisfaction. Read more customer testimonials