Increasing sales is slow and painful

Most eCommerce platforms aren't flexible enough and your IT department is constantly overbooked. You are forced to use different tools to increase your sales conversions. These tools are not connected, making it nearly impossible to analyze the overall economic impact of your actions on your business.



eCommerce growth management

Frosmo has built a complete service to perform conversion optimization and to analyze the impact on the business' bottom line. It has all the necessary features to test different approaches and unique control group method to prove the results. All these features are available from a web UI and integration is based on a simple Javascript tag.

Frosmo is used by retail, travel, online services, banking and gaming industries. It works securely with any kind of sites (as well as mobile) without load issues, including complex and dynamic Ajax service.

Collecting already over 1 billion data entries each day.


Frosmo conversion optimization


the impact of all your sales efforts related to different products based on user segment data. Read more about our control group method and correlation analysis.


personalized content for your visitor segments based on their interests and onsite behavior. Anywhere at your site in any format. Create automated dynamic and intelligent content.


through retargeting using the same user segments with complete consistency. Combine your retargeting  campaigns with personalisation for a seamless experience.

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Other features

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