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Optimize your customer journey with personalization

Getting started with Frosmo is fast and easy. We offer a free trial based on our Quick Start setup that includes best-practice recommendation strategies, segments, and automated A/B testing.

Frosmo can help you address the most common challenges in ecommerce:

  • Shopping funnel optimization
  • High bounce rates
  • Getting ROI from advertising spend
  • Average order value
  • Cross-selling products

The attention span of an average website visitor is less than 10 seconds, so the very first message targeted to your customers needs to be relevant. All visitors have unique circumstances and are therefore in different stages in their customer journeys: one is visiting your site for the first time while another is landing from an affiliate campaign, and yet another may have abandoned the shopping cart twice already. 


One of the deciding factors in choosing Frosmo as a partner was the 30-day trial period, during which we already saw a positive impact on all our key KPIs. It’s easy to move forward with cooperation when you have the data to prove the results.

KUUTTI HAAPANEN, Head of Ecommerce & Marketing, Scandinavian Outdoor

Website personalization influences customer behavior by effectively targeting customers based on their needs, preferences, and intent. You can think of personalization as superior customer service: Personalization helps you deliver emotionally relevant content throughout the customer journey. 

Personalization also creates the foundation for the ultimate omnichannel experience, paving the way for an enhanced customer experience across all channels and devices. Customizing the shopping experience increases profit margins and strengthen customer loyalty.

Reduce bounce rates and marketing costsReduce bounce rates and marketing costs

In the early stages of the customer journey, Frosmo can help you to:

Ensure relevant content from the first visit based on visitor context.

Personalize landing pages based on the affiliate site or campaign your new visitor comes from.

Display real-time recommendations based on best-selling products.

Optimize your shopping funnelOptimize your shopping funnel

Get insights to optimize the customer journey from the first visit to the shopping cart and beyond. With Frosmo, you can:

Collect a range of data about your visitors’ context and behavior.

Utilize visitor data to provide highly targeted and relevant recommendations. 

Create AI-driven recommendations that automatically optimize their performance.

Increase conversion rate and AOVsIncrease conversion rate and AOVs

On category and product pages:

Recommend complementary products throughout the customer journey.

Display relevant content based on visitor affinity.

Predict exit intent and show promotions to keep your customers engaged.

Start personalization journey quickly and safelyStart your personalization journey quickly and safely

Setting up Frosmo on your site is straightforward and risk-free:

Add a single line of code on your ecommerce site.

Integrate seamlessly with your product data feed, analytics tool, and other systems.

Complement your ecommerce platform with a best-in-breed personalization tool.


We’re very satisfied with the increase in conversions and average order values that Frosmo brings us with AI-driven product recommendations. I would highly recommend using Frosmo against other competitive solutions.

JARKKO LEHTISMÄKI, CTO, Power International AS

Frosmo creates AI-driven product recommendations based on real-time contextual and behavioral data. Our no-code user interface allows you to create your own strategies and you always have full visibility into how each recommendation strategy works.