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Maximize revenue potential through
personalized player experiences

Ready to boost your online gaming platform? Frosmo’s suite of iGaming solutions is designed to enhance player experiences through powerful personalization strategies. From player acquisition to game discovery, recommendations, and real-time site optimization, our solutions meet the specific needs of online gaming operators like you.

Remove revenue bottlenecks with AI personalization

Player acquisitionPlayer

Smoothly onboard new players

  • Make a lasting impression on new players.
  • Recognize their context and stage of the player journey to provide a personalized experience right from the start.
  • Provide consistent user experience for players arriving at your site from affiliate sources.
  • Highlight welcome bonuses to entice players to sign up.
  • Leverage machine learning tests to optimize your strategies, ensuring maximum conversion rates.Learn more

Game discoveryGame

Engage and inspire your players

  • Amaze your players with an unparalleled and enhanced game discovery journey.
  • Optimize your site search for enhanced results, boost and rank search outcomes to increase visibility.
  • Utilize Frosmo’s feature Smart Discovery for a visually captivating exploration of AI-generated game categories for better engagement and retention.
  • Always provide recommendations at the right time, in the right place.Learn more

AI driven personalizationAI-driven personalization

Keep players engaged personally
  • Maximize player engagement and lifetime value.
  • Create automatic audiences for precise targeting using Super Affinity.
  • Leverage powerful recommendation strategies to offer exciting game suggestions, and keep players aware of their journey and loyalty bonuses.
  • Monitor player behavior and segment players for personalized experiences that keep players coming back for more.
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Automatic site optimizationReal-time testing and ML optimization

Stay on top of personalization performance

  • Ensure your personalization efforts bring maximum value.
  • Continuously optimize using machine learning algorithms.
  • Tailor game attributes based on business KPIs and make data-driven decisions through automated or manual A/B testing.
  • Trigger real-time messages to engage players at critical moments, driving conversions and satisfaction.
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Quick StartRapid ramp-up to revenue growth

Begin your personalization journey with confidence

  • Get started easily and safely with Frosmo Quick Start, our 30-day onboarding program.
  • Benefit from a predefined set of recommendation strategies and features.
  • Avoid cold-start problems and quickly see results.
  • Confidently transform your platform for success with full control over your personalization setup and our support.
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Make the most of your iGaming product with personalization

A well-executed personalization strategy can make a lot of difference in player acquisition, engagement, and lifetime value. Learn how to improve player engagement and loyalty through personalized experiences.

iGaming ebook personalization with Frosmo

Experience the power of personalization with Frosmo

Join the league of successful online gaming operators that have leveraged the power of Frosmo’s solutions to deliver exceptional player experiences.