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Ecommerce mobile strategy ebook

Dive deep into the strategic value personalization provides for ecommerce businesses especially in the realm of mobile product discovery.


10 ecommerce personalization myths – busted!

Debunking these myths can drive your customer experiences forward and skyrocket your revenue and customer lifetime value.


AI-driven personalization in consumer electronics ecommerce

Product discovery is a challenge in consumer electronics ecommerce, and that’s why major players are currently investing heavily in AI-based…


Personalize your player journey – Make the most of your iGaming product

Many iGaming operators invest a lot in advertising to acquire new players but the effort gets diluted if the gaming…


A comprehensive guide to recommendations

Including smart recommendations as part of your user experience is now an essential requirement for any ecommerce business.


The power of personalization

Today, personalization doesn’t just happen in physical stores by helpful shop assistants. Consumers expect more personalized experiences from most sites.


Personalization on different web pages

Personalized web pages can help you stand out from the competition by capturing the micro-moments of ecommerce shopping.


Online retail reimagined

Better optimized shopping funnels, lower bounce rates, better ROI in advertising spend, larger average order sizes, and better cross-selling.


Taking gamification to next level

The future for the iGaming players looks bright. With so many factors at play and so many influencers shaping this…


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