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Partner with Frosmo and accelerate your time-to-market

Growing consumer expectations for omnichannel experiences and the digitalization of commerce make it more important than ever that companies offer digital experiences that resonate with consumers. At the same time, improvements in browser, bandwidth and processor capabilities have created new possibilities in front end development. This is where Frosmo software comes in.

By partnering with Frosmo you can work on the digital experience layer far beyond what’s traditionally possible and without having to access the back end. You will be able to provide a service that delivers value to your customers in the form of speed, flexibility, possibilities, and results.

Use this to generate recurring revenue for both yourself and customers by delivering the resources and competencies required for continuous website development.

A partnership that’s more than just another platform

The ability to make changes to your clients’ websites through the Frosmo platform is just the start of a partnership. With great power comes great responsibility and we want to be the Yoda to your Luke. To help you provide the most value for your customers Frosmo offers custom trainings and workshops that go beyond how to use the platform.

Collaborate with Frosmo to create an account management model that’s proven to strengthen customer relationships and leads to long-term roadmaps. Get to know the sales methodology that has helped Frosmo build relationships with customers such as Finnair, Decathlon, and Dafabet.

What we’re looking for in a partner

Frosmo partners typically have a customer base that takes online business seriously. They are experts in the digital domain and/or specialists in conversion optimization. Since the Frosmo platform enables website modifications through JavaScript, a solid team of JS developers is expected. Frosmo also partners with complimentary software vendors.

Want to explore what possible opportunities a Frosmo partnership would open up for you? Get in touch and we’ll figure out the next steps together.
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