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Grow your customers’ online business with personalization


Empower engaging customer journeys on both commerce and content-driven sites

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Add personalization consulting services to your offering portfolio

Frosmo is a partner-friendly company to work with


Frosmo partners with companies to help them exceed customer expectations through personalization.

  • Digital agencies and IT service providers use Frosmo to deliver business consulting (for example, growth hacking with personalization) and technical consulting (such as integration to marketing automation) to their clients.
  • Technology and DXP platform providers use Frosmo to offer best-of-breed personalization solutions to their clients.
  • Frosmo technology offers a robust architecture and open API to integrate into your tech stack of choice.
  • Our friendly training team and comprehensive documentation enable rapid competence development.

Some of our trusted partners

Frosmo’s partners really value the opportunity to grow their customers’ online revenue with the services around personalization. With the Frosmo platform and your expertise, you can add value to your customers. We also collaborate with our partners by sharing customer success as well as supporting events. 

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