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Create personalized customer journeys for any ecommerce site

With Frosmo, you can create AI-driven product recommendations based on real-time contextual and behavioral data. Our no-code user interface allows you to implement your own strategies and you always have full visibility into how each recommendation strategy works.

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10 ecommerce personalization myths – busted!

There are many myths and misconceptions about website personalization that can lead to misunderstandings and not getting all the possible benefits.

We’re debunking these myths to show how personalization can drive your customer experiences forward and skyrocket your revenue and customer lifetime value. Read the ebook to get the most out of the endless personalization possibilities.

Rather watch it? Check out the personalization myths video series.

Why choose Frosmo

  • Reduce bounce rates and marketing costs – Personalize landing pages and display real-time recommendations.
  • Optimize your shopping funnel – Utilize visitor data to provide highly targeted and relevant recommendations.
  • Increase conversion rate and AOVs – Recommend complementary products throughout the customer journey on category and product pages.
  • Start your personalization journey quickly and safely – Integrate seamlessly with your product data feed, analytics tool, and other systems.

How it works

You can integrate Frosmo with all ecommerce, headless ecommerce, and headless CMS platforms. Is your website built with WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, or Kibo? Frosmo complements any system.

Frosmo utilizes Google’s standards for data tracking and product information so it’s easy to seamlessly integrate on your site.

Once the integration is done, the Frosmo Platform immediately starts collecting data relevant to your KPIs, such as visitor affinities and other contextual and behavioral data. You can use the data not only to personalize your customer journeys, but to learn more about your visitors and enrich the visitor data in your other systems.

How Frosmo works on your site

This is how you achieve the benefits of personalization

  • Add the Frosmo script to your site.
  • Frosmo tracks data through data layer events, we recommend using the Google Enhanced Ecommerce standard.
  • Product information is updated using a feed, such as Google Shopping Feed.
  • After Frosmo Quick Start is deployed on your site, you will see the business impact on conversion rate and average order value during the first 30 days.
  • Data reporting is available through Google Analytics.

Implementing personalized customer journeys with Frosmo can reap amazing results


Better CTR


Purchase conversion


Increase in AOV

Calculate how much you would benefit from personalization

We created the retail business case calculator to share the amazing business results we’ve witnessed for retail clients over the past ten years.

The calculator is free to use – no sign-up or registration required. Based on the data points and your assessment of your current level of personalization, you’ll be able to see how much growth, incremental revenue, and additional margin you can generate just by leveling up your personalization strategy.

Personalization calculator

See what customers say about Frosmo

We see personalization as the only way to reach ecommerce KPIs. Personalization makes the navigation easier for the visitor to find what they are looking for as friction-free as possible. Recommendations help the buyer to select the best products and accessories and have a direct link to the bigger average order value. Customers are satisfied with the bundles they buy and keep coming back for more accessories.​

Juhani Toppari

Marketing Director and Ecommerce Manager, Rajala

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Frosmo enables us to create winning user experiences by providing a recommendations engine that brings value to our customers. They help us to understand our customers’ preferences better and make data-driven decisions.

Kristina Lagerroos

Development Manager, Reima

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