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Personalization software that complements your creativity

The Frosmo Platform lets you personalize anything on your website, from banners to recommendations. This versatility enables you to create anything from 1-to-1 personalization to audience-wide UX improvements.

Create superior personalized user experiences regardless of back-end limitations

Make changes directly in the experience layer, without the need to access your website’s underlying code. Use the Frosmo Platform to alter any part of your website and avoid the limitations set by your CMS and website layout.

Use unlimited segments, defined by a limitless set of rules

The user experiences you create shouldn’t be limited by the software you use. Define as many segments as you need, made up by predefined rules, your own custom definitions, or 3rd party data.

Recommend personalized products and content anywhere

Decide what should be recommended on which page and to whom, or let machine learning take care of the recommendations for you. From recommending previously viewed products or articles to suggestion bundles and everything in between, Frosmo Recommendations are flexible, clever, and good for AOV.

Experiment with A/B testing or machine learning

Try out creative new ideas by showing them to a portion of your visitors. A/B test different solutions to different segments. Create multiple variations and let a multi-armed bandit decide a winner. Whether you want to go traditional or use machine learning, experience optimization is a continuous task that requires experimentation.

Predict who’s going to churn and who’s ready to spend big

Combine historical data and the power of AI to determine which customers warrant extra attention. Provide tailored user experiences to potential churners and VIPs to meet their specific needs and increase their customer lifetime value.

Powered by JavaScript. Perfect for headless.

While the Frosmo Platform empowers marketers regardless of your tech stack, it plays particularly nice with modern JavaScript frameworks. Use this compatibility to optimize experiences on headless setups and to personalize progressive web apps regardless of scroll depth.

Collaborate with the development team and optimize entire customer journeys

Go beyond page or campaign optimizations and create connected customer journeys that feel personal from start to purchase.

Preview and trial new experiences on your live website

With Workspaces, Frosmo enables marketers and developers to try out and share their latest creations in a live environment without impacting visitor experiences. You’ll never have to worry about breaking something in production again.