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Player acquisition

Are you looking for a way to enhance your player acquisition strategy and get the most out of your marketing spend?

Frosmo player acquisition helps you understand and onboard new players smoothly by leveraging contextual data.

How Frosmo can help

Recognize context and player journey stage

Understanding your visitors is crucial when it comes to acquiring new players. With Frosmo player acquisition, you can easily recognize the context – such as their location and affiliate source – of each visitor and determine their stage in the player journey, even when they are new to your site. This enables you to provide them with a personalized experience right from the start.

It’s not just about the context, though; Frosmo immediately starts tracking every player interaction and uses the data to create a Super Affinity profile that enables one-on-one personalization based on the player’s interests.

Deliver a seamless experience with relevant content

Using the context, Frosmo ensures that your new players receive a seamless experience tailored to their preferences. By offering a lobby personalized based on, for example, affiliate source, you can captivate their attention and increase engagement. Relevant recommendations and offers specific to their context will enhance their overall user experience, encouraging them to stay and explore further.

Highlight welcome bonuses to drive sign-ups

Everyone loves a warm welcome! With Frosmo, you can make a powerful first impression by highlighting a compelling welcome bonus. By showcasing an attractive offer, you capture the interest of new visitors and entice them to sign up, leading to higher conversion rates and better engagement.

Optimize strategies with machine learning tests

Frosmo player acquisition takes it a step further by utilizing machine learning (ML) to test and optimize the best-performing recommendation strategies for different contexts. Whether it’s the time of day, location, or other variables, our ML algorithms analyze the data to identify the most effective approaches. This data-driven approach both reduces the need of manual work and ensures that your acquisition efforts are always optimized and maximized for success.

Make the most of your iGaming product with personalization

A well-executed personalization strategy can make a lot of difference in player acquisition, engagement, and lifetime value. Learn how to improve player engagement and loyalty through personalized experiences.

iGaming ebook personalization with Frosmo

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