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AI for optimizing customer journeys in online betting

31 January 2019

Thursday 10 am EET

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Enable fast front-end development and easy personalization for SAP Commerce Cloud

12 February 2019

Tuesday 2 pm EET

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Introducing Workspaces

With workspaces, you will no longer have to deal with discrepancies between what your web pages look like in your test environment versus what can be seen in production. Your QA will love you.

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Front-end development for headless CMS

Hear how Frosmo experts tackle the challenges of front-end development for headless CMS. Among other things, our experts will share how to continue personalizing, testing, and targeting to ensure great user experience for your visitors.

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Introducing Recommendations 2.0

The webinar is for the ecommerce and front-end developer team leaders on how to get the most out of their ecommerce sites with the next generation of recommendations. Harness machine learning to create recommendations that can be used in many different channels.

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Easy personalization for Magento

With the Frosmo Platform, companies using Magento can personalize for every visitor, optimize website for screens of all shapes and sizes, and collaborate with any front-end developer who knows JS frameworks.

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