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How a growth mindset and technology puts the customer back in the customer experience

Tue | 12 May | 9:30 am CEST

CX and growth experts will discuss how a growth mindset and customer-focused processes set the foundation for a better customer experience.

The webinar will be presented in Swedish. 

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Easy personalization for React websites

Thu | 5 Sept | 4 pm BST

We'll discuss the importance of smart content infrastructure and personalized customer journeys, and will give you practical end-to-end examples of how business requirements and easy maintenance are included on a sample site built with React.

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Wed | 6 Nov | 1 PM | Helsinki Messukeskus

Get results with data-driven personalized customer journeys in your digital service

You’re welcome to join Frosmo’s Power of Personalization workshop at the Retail Experience Live 2019 fair on November 6 at 1 PM Finnish time. 

Our personalization experts will lead a discussion on how to start harnessing the power of personalization and create unique customer experiences by leveraging different data points. 

  • The business case for personalization
  • Anatomy of personalization
  • Creating a hypothesis
  • The 4Ws of personalization: Who – When – What – Where
  • Feedback and analysis of results, experimentation with A/B testing, improving your hypothesis.

Finnish Technology Day 2019

Thu | 7 Nov | 1 PM |

Pl. Europejski 1, Warsaw Spire
00-844 Warsaw, Poland

On behalf of Business Finland and The Heart, we are honored to invite you to join Finnish Technology Day!

The event will be dedicated to the Finnish innovation ecosystem represented by 11 selected startups, which solutions stand out on both national and European markets. Finnish Technology Day will also be an opportunity for representatives of Polish corporations to gain valuable technology partner.

Please mind that the event is dedicated to corporations only.