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Reach your business goals with smart experimentation

Frosmo experts will walk you through the steps of smart experimentation using real-life examples and share strategic insights and tactical examples of how the changes to your website affect business goals.

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Drive ecommerce revenue with personalization

Frosmo experts will explore the fundamentals of personalization, walk you through the key elements of the customer journey and show you how to leverage this strategy in creating a customer-centric experience for your customers.

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Introducing Workspaces

With workspaces, you will no longer have to deal with discrepancies between what your web pages look like in your test environment versus what can be seen in production. Your QA will love you.

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Front-end development for headless CMS

Hear how Frosmo experts tackle the challenges of front-end development for headless CMS. Among other things, our experts will share how to continue personalizing, testing, and targeting to ensure great user experience for your visitors.

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Introducing Recommendations 2.0

The webinar is for the ecommerce and front-end developer team leaders on how to get the most out of their ecommerce sites with the next generation of recommendations. Harness machine learning to create recommendations that can be used in many different channels.

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Easy personalization for Magento

With the Frosmo Platform, companies using Magento can personalize for every visitor, optimize website for screens of all shapes and sizes, and collaborate with any front-end developer who knows JS frameworks.

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AI for optimizing customer journeys in online betting

The machines we use on a daily basis are getting smarter, and with AI shaping our world far more than many of us realize, how does it affect the online betting industry? Find out why AI is such a big topic in gambling. Frosmo experts share the best practices of artificial intelligence in the online betting industry.

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Enable fast front-end development and easy personalization for SAP Commerce Cloud

It’s time to achieve better customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and average order values through agile front-end development. Frosmo experts will share their knowledge on some of the SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris) projects.

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Liity webinaarimme, jossa verkkoliiketoiminnan asiantuntijat keskustelevat globaaleista trendeistä, teknologian mahdollisuuksista ja mielenkiintoisista case-esimerkeistä. Ilmoittautumalla varmistat myös, että saat webinaaritallenteen käyttöösi, vaikka et pääsisi osallistumaan live-lähetykseen.


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Contentful Developers Meetup at Helsinki

Welcome to our second Contentful Developers Meetup at our new and vibrant office at Kalasatama, Helsinki. Our customer guest speaker will be covering the hot topic of how to create dynamic and personalized content with Contentful, React, and Frosmo.