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Elevate your customer experience with personalization

Are you ready to take your ecommerce site to new heights? Frosmo’s suite of ecommerce solutions is designed to enhance customer experiences through powerful personalization strategies. From product discovery to shopping cart recommendations, our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of every customer at every stage of their journey.

Remove revenue bottlenecks with AI personalization

Product discoveryEnhanced product discovery experience

Inspire customers with relevant finds

  • Enhance your site search to ensure that customers consistently find what they’re looking for.
  • Boost search results based on business strategy, highlight best-selling products, and showcase relevant items.
  • Capture your customers’ interest from the start with personalized recommendations.Learn more

AI driven personalizationPersonalized recommendation strategies

Convert with targeted content for each customer

  • AI-driven Personalization empowers you to create laser-targeted content for each customer.
  • Automatically segment audiences with Super Affinity, deliver spot-on product recommendations, and upsell with complementary items.
  • Optimize personalization efforts through A/B testing and data-driven insights.
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Automatic site optimizationCustomer lifetime optimization

Accelerate engagement and performance

  • Automatic Site Optimization continuously fine-tunes messaging efforts with the multi-armed bandit feature.
  • Trigger real-time messages based on visitor actions, seize every opportunity to engage customers at the right moment.
  • Test affinity levels to find the sweet spot, ensuring a visually captivating and responsive shopping experience.
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Quick StartQuick start to revenue growth

Begin your personalization journey with confidence

  • Get started easily and safely with Frosmo Quick Start, our 30-day onboarding program.
  • Benefit from a predefined set of recommendation strategies and features.
  • Avoid cold-start problems and quickly see results.
  • Confidently transform your platform for success with full control over your personalization setup and our support.
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Increase your conversion rate by 170% and average order value by 40%

Read our ebook to discover why AI-driven personalization is a major growth driver for consumer electronics ecommerce in 2023 and beyond.

Experience the power of personalization with Frosmo

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