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1. Applicability

1.1. THIS SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES DESCRIPTION (the “Service Description”) is an integral part of the Subscription Agreement (the “Agreement”) and any subsequent Order Forms and Amendments signed between Frosmo Ltd. and the Customer (the “Parties”).

1.2. Frosmo offers support and maintenance services (“Support Services”) for the Frosmo Platform (the Software operated by Frosmo in the Cloud including the JavaScript client software provisioned from the Frosmo cloud service, “Platform”) under valid software subscription contracts with Customers.

2. Support Services overview

2.1. Support Services shall comprise the following elements:

      • Software maintenance: Error corrections, patches, and updates
      • Proactive monitoring of Platform performance and availability
      • Customer support through online or email channels during business hours
      • New releases of the Platform
      • Access to Frosmo Documentation and knowledge base

3. Software maintenance

3.1. Platform is operated in and provisioned from the cloud. Frosmo provides licensed customers with:

      • Software updates. Customer is entitled to receive access to new features and functionality for the licensed features. New add-ons where additional licensing fees may apply, are agreed separately and in written with Frosmo.
      • Error corrections. Frosmo shall apply reasonable effort to correct any reproducible programming errors in the Frosmo Platform, commensurate with the severity of the error, provided that Frosmo has no obligation to correct all errors. Upon identification of any error, Customer shall notify Frosmo of the error and provide Frosmo with enough information to reproduce the error. Frosmo shall only be responsible to correct errors attributable to Frosmo and reproducible by Frosmo.
      • Proactive error corrections. In case Frosmo finds errors in the Platform and issues corrections to them, even if not reported by the Customer, Frosmo shall deploy the corrections into the Platform at its discretion.

4. Proactive monitoring

4.1. Frosmo monitors the availability and proper functioning of the Platform continuously and takes necessary action to remedy issues swiftly if they occur. The Platform relies on the availability of the Amazon Web Services platform and other high-availability hosting providers. Frosmo assumes no liability for interruptions in ISP services.

5. Customer support

5.1. Frosmo’s Customer Success team is available during business hours (8am-4pm CET on Finnish business days) to assist Customers to leverage the Frosmo Platform. The Customer Success team proactively offers guidance and interacts with the Customer regularly to ensure that the Customer has a good experience using Frosmo.

5.2. Frosmo provides Customers with customer support as follows:

      • Assistance related to questions on installation, operation and/or use of the Platform
      • Assistance in identifying and verifying causes of suspected errors in the Platform
      • Workarounds for identified errors and malfunctions in the Platform when reasonably available

5.3. Customer should ensure that the liaison working with Frosmo customer support is properly trained in the operation and usage of the Platform. Frosmo is not obliged to provide support to other individuals. Customer shall provide reasonable access to necessary personnel to answer questions about problems reported by the Customer.

6. New releases

6.1. Frosmo constantly develops new features and add-ons for the Frosmo Platform and continuously improves the existing ones. New features and add-ons may or may not be available to the Customer depending on the Frosmo Platform licence in use. Add-ons are available with additional fees. The Frosmo Platform price list dictates the exact pricing of Platform features and add-ons.

6.2. Frosmo Platform main releases contain new features and/or major improvements that are visible to Customers. Customers are always informed in advance about an upcoming release and the associated service break, if any.

6.3. Frosmo Platform maintenance releases typically contain bug fixes and small improvements, most of which are not visible to Customers. Ideally, a maintenance release doesn’t involve a service break.

6.4. By default, releases are deployed simultaneously to all Frosmo Platform instances. However, sometimes a release can be deployed in stages, where Frosmo’s European main server is updated first and the other servers at later dates. A release can also be deployed only to the main server and possibly specific other servers.

7. Documentation

7.1. Frosmo Documentation ( provides platform-related technical documentation, including:

      • Getting Started. Instructions for setting up the Frosmo Platform for your site.
      • Platform & Features. Descriptions on technical and security aspects of the platform, including how Frosmo collects and stores data on your site.
      • User Guides. Instructions for developing and managing your site and monitoring its performance using the Frosmo Control Panel.
      • Developer Guides. Instructions for using the public APIs, developer tools, and other developer features of the Frosmo Platform.
      • Releases. Information about the new features and other changes in the platform.

7.2. Frosmo Documentation is updated constantly according to the changes and improvements in the Frosmo Platform..

8. Special services

8.1. Customer may request services not specifically described in this document. Frosmo may from time to time enter into specific agreements that cover services beyond the scope of the Support Services. These services will be governed by specifically made out and executed agreements or order forms.

9. Support channels

9.1. Frosmo support can be contacted through:

9.2. Support requests are processed primarily according to severities and secondary “first in – first out” policy. During processing requests other communication channels can be used when applicable (like phone and video conferencing).

10. Problem severity classification

10.1. The following table outlines the severity classification for problems. The severity classification is the degree of impact that the problem has on Product operation or how this affects the ability to achieve the intended business usage of the Frosmo Platform. A problem is a situation where the Frosmo Platform does not function as set forth in the applicable Frosmo documentation.

CriticalA mission-critical incident or situation that is disruptive and causesinterruption to the Customer’s business operations.
HighA severe incident or situation that is impairing the Customer’s businessoperations but no business operations are interrupted
MinorA minor issue or partial loss functionality - without interruption or severeimpairment to business operations, a query or a request for newfeatures/functionality.

11. Response times

SeverityInitial response targetResolution
CriticalTarget response time for cases of critical severity: 2h response time.Resolution starts without delay with the objective of a) removing the issue b) providing a work around that reduces the impact of the issue c) downgrading the issue to lower severity.

Critical issues get priority over issues with lower severity levels.
HighTarget response time for cases of critical severity: 6h response time.When support requests are received during business hours resolution starts without a delay.

Otherwise the resolution starts next business day.
MinorTarget response time for cases of
minor severity: Next business day
Best effort during business hours after resolution of any cases with severities critical or high.

12. Case handling

12.1. Customer may open a case in one of the following ways:

12.2. When opening a case, Customer shall be prepared to provide the following:

      • Product/Feature the issue is related to
      • Detailed description of the problem
      • Priority level and impact of the problem
      • Indication of the activities that led to the problem occuring
      • Configuration data

12.3. Cases are handled in order defined by SLA and severity priorities.

13. Restrictions

13.1. Customer is only entitled to receive Support Services for the Platform features and add-ons for which the Customer has purchased a valid license. Frosmo shall not be obliged to provide Support Services for any product 1) that has been altered or modified, 2) that has not been installed, operated or used according to Frosmo’s documentation, recommendations and/or instructions 3) where the problem relates to Customer’s or a third party’s systems or software or any other issue that is beyond the reasonable control of Frosmo, 4) where problem relates to combination of Frosmo Software to third party software that is not specifically documented to be supported 5) to geographic locations or situations where the Customer is in violation of local laws or regulations 6) for programming or other errors in configurations and setups created in Frosmo Control Panel (e.g. non-functional HTML/CSS/JS implementation within modification code written by the Customer).

13.2. Remote access to Customer’s environment/software/service may be needed to triage and resolve the problems, and the Customer shall be obliged to assist Frosmo in the resolution. Frosmo’s compliance to Support Services description herein, is conditioned on Frosmo receiving agreed payment for the fees agreed. Frosmo retains ownership of the intellectual property resulting from the Support Services.