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We help companies make any kind of personalization possible

At Frosmo we are creating 1.5 billion personalized visitor journeys every day. 

Frosmo was founded in 2008 to create a platform that helps companies become successful in digital services by making personalization fast and easy.

Frosmo 2019

Diversity as a key strength: From unique experiences to a unified culture

There is an increasing demand for international experience and a need for world-class talent amongst the workforce as more companies aspire to expand to overseas markets. Diversity, when properly led, can become an unbeatable advantage for international business growth.

At Frosmo, we believe that diversity is key to unlocking innovation and more brilliant ideas in the workplace. Knowing other cultures opens vast opportunities for international growth.

Frosmo management team

Mikael Gummerus

Mikael Gummerus

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of Frosmo. Visionary and a firm believer in the adoption of microservices architecture, headless ecommerce and CMS. Passionate about growing consumer expectations of superior digital experiences.

Henry Nyberg

Henry Nyberg

Chief R&D Officer

Co-founder, responsible for the development of the Frosmo Platform. Expects data-driven UX development to be the norm, resulting in faster and easier ways to purchase and consume.

Aki Salakka

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder who thinks digital experience development should be fast and easy, and that all companies should adopt artificial intelligence to meet the customer expectations for delightful user experiences.

Pia Maria Halttunen

Chief Customer Officer

Responsible for the development of the Customer Success operations. Has passion for great customer experience and is data-driven with a focus on excellent user experience.

Marjo Kivistö

Chief People and Culture Officer

Passionate and experienced leader who sees people as the most important part of a company. Big believer that good leadership through strong company values, an open culture, and a clear business direction gives people wings to achieve amazing success.

Maija Erkheikki

Maija Erkheikki

Chief Channel Officer

Manages and develops a partner-driven software business, where it’s critical to build win-win-win models. Fascinated by the digitalization of commerce and how artificial intelligence reshapes all industries.

Tanja Säde

Chief Marketing Officer

Enthusiastic about creating superior digital customer experiences through data, personalization, and AI. Curious towards all new technologies and marketing trends.

Teppo Halonen

Teppo Halonen

Chief Sales Officer

Leader of the Frosmo worldwide sales team. Passion for tech that helps clients serve each customer in a unique way, driving up revenue, and getting a higher impact from marketing dollars while reducing costs.