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We help companies make any kind of personalization possible

At Frosmo, we create 1.5 billion personalized customer journeys every day.

Frosmo was founded in 2008 to create a platform to help companies become successful in digital services by making personalization fast and easy.


Welcome to Frosmo’s company page! Happy to see you here. The past years have been a big change for all of us – working full-time remotely. Who would have thought this is even possible a few years ago?! Though the concept wasn’t really new to us anymore, we still miss the spirit of meeting each other more often at the office, collaborating and sharing the challenges face to face, and celebrating together.

Kauppalehti Achievers 2022

We have received the Achievers certificate 2022, awarded to only a tiny part of Finnish companies.
The Achievers mark is a guarantee of quality and reliability. It tells at a glance that the company knows how to handle customers, business, and personnel well. Thank you for this achievement to each of our employees, customers, and partners – you make success possible!

Frosmo management team

Timo Eräkangas

Managing Director
Chief Financial Officer
HR Director

Result-oriented and long-experienced financial management professional. Extended experience in demanding tasks in group financial corporate administration from listed as well as unlisted international organizations and business partners such as accounting firms and legal services. Nothing is impossible in work assignments and the best is yet to come.

Henry Nyberg

Chief R&D Officer

Co-founder, responsible for the development of the Frosmo Platform. Expects data-driven UX development to be the norm, resulting in faster and easier ways to purchase and consume.

Aki Salakka

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder who thinks digital experience development should be fast and easy, and that all companies should adopt artificial intelligence to meet the customer expectations for delightful user experiences.

Markku Mantere

Chief Customer Officer

Co-founder with wide variety of roles held at Frosmo. Presently the head of the great Customer Success team. Enthusiastic about operations delivering high value with high quality to Frosmo’s customers.

Timo Vuori

Chief Sales Officer

Global sales team leader with over a decade of experience in sales and business development in ecommerce and SaaS. Believes that the route to achieving competitive advantage is through understanding global markets and industry trends, and creating a winning alignment between people, business strategy, and technology.

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Invoicing Address of Frosmo Ltd
VAT ID: FI27306077

Invoicing Address of Frosmo World Ltd
VAT ID: FI22283750

Instructions for invoicing are below (pdf). For UK and Polish clients: invoices to be sent to

Frosmo offices


Panimokatu 2 A
3rd flr
00580 Helsinki


First Floor Thavies Inn House / 3-4
Holborn Circus
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Grzybowska Park
Grzybowska 5A, 2nd floor
00-132 Warszawa