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Mikael Gummerus, CEO

Superior user experiences are today's competitive advantage

Thanks to the speed of software development, we’re on the verge of an exponential growth curve. This, in turn, means exponential possibilities. The accessibility to screens anywhere will have the potential to radically alter online shopping behavior. Companies will need to offer something exclusive and become better at explaining which problems they solve. All of this needs to be done with excellent service. In short, companies need to create superior user experiences and they need to create them now.

Revenue 2012-2017

Customers per industry

Key management

Photo of Mikael Gummerus, CEO at Frosmo

Mikael Gummerus


Founder of FROSMO. Visionary and a firm believer in a connected future where all UIs are intuitive and enjoyable to use, regardless of device or application.

Photo of Henry Nyberg, Product Director at FROSMO

Henry Nyberg

Product Director

Co-founder, responsible for development of the Frosmo platform. Expects data-driven UX development to be the norm, resulting in faster and easier ways to make purchases and consume services.

Aki Salakka


Co-founder who envisions a world full of screens. As each device connects to the internet, each screen will rely on FROSMO to provide great user experiences.

Photo of Iiro Christensen, CFO at FROSMO

Iiro Christensen


Expects repeat purchases to become the standard, once the battle for customer loyalty is won. Companies that come out on top will do so by providing better user experiences.

Improving user experiences since 2008

If you’re looking for the typical startup story, then this is not it. There was no eureka moment in a nondescript Finnish basement. This is not a story of drunken fun in a sauna, though we do have some of that, sometimes. No. FROSMO is a story of experimenting, hard work, and grit.

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