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Frosmo Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2023-04-27


This Privacy Policy applies to the users of the following Frosmo websites and user interfaces, as well as to Frosmo’s partners, customers, potential customers, job applicants, and other Frosmo stakeholders:

Regardless of the Frosmo site you use and the information you give, we will never sell your information to a third party.

For more information about the data we track for our customers on their sites, see Data privacy description.

Controller information

Frosmo Ltd. (“Frosmo”, “we”, “us”)

Panimokatu 2 A,  00580 Helsinki, Finland

Data we collect and store

We don’t collect personal data by default on any of the Frosmo sites. The server logs related to the sites may contain pseudonymous personal data that could be used to identify a person when combined with other data. However, the log data is only ever used for technical monitoring, not profiling or any commercial purposes.

For more information about data storage and retention, see Data collection and processing.

Frosmo website

On the Frosmo website, we do not collect any personal data by default. Any data we collect through the Frosmo Platform is stored in SQL databases hosted by trusted partners and controlled by Frosmo.

If you send us a contact request through our website, we will use your information only in connection with the contact request and will not share it with a third party. We may later ask to retain your information for marketing or other commercial purposes. If we have no contact with you within two years, we will archive your information and remove it according to our normal data retention cycle.

If you download content on our website or register for a Frosmo event, we store your contact information in our CRM and may use it for marketing communications. You can refuse these communications at any time.

If you apply for a job at Frosmo through our website, we store your contact information and any attachments you send, such as your CV, cover letter, or portfolio, in our content management system. We use your information only in connection with the recruitment process and will not share it with third parties other than those possibly involved in the process.  We will keep your information for up to two years, so that should any future position open up that matches your background, we can get in touch with you.

Frosmo Documentation

On Frosmo Documentation, we do not collect personal data.

Frosmo Control Panel

For registered users of the Frosmo Control Panel, we store the necessary account information. This account data contains:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Company or companies to which the user has access
  • Activity log for monitoring and debugging purposes
  • Other user-related non-personal data to improve the user experience

The account data is stored in an SQL database controlled by Frosmo and removed manually when the subscription agreement with the customer ends.

Cookies and third-party services

The Frosmo websites and user interfaces use cookies to identify a visitor (based on the device and browser they are using) across domains and sites. For a list of cookies set by the Frosmo Platform, see Cookies in Data storage and retention.

Analytics services

The Frosmo sites and user interfaces may run the following analytics tools:

We use the analytics data to compile aggregated statistics about the performance of our sites and user interfaces. We may trace individual user paths with Hotjar to gather information about Control Panel usage. The analytics data is not used for profiling or to identify a person.

Other third-party services

Frosmo uses the following services for marketing communications and to maintain customer and stakeholder information:

  • Dealfront: Lead generation by identifying companies that visit the Frosmo website
  • HubSpot: Customer relationship management, marketing automation, and event registration on the Frosmo website
  • Leadlndr: Lead generation through meeting bookings
  • LinkedIn Ads: Advertisement targeting
  • Usercentrics: Consent management and analytics
  • WordPress: Content management for the Frosmo website

Contact information stored in these systems is retained for up to two years, after which it is archived or removed, unless you become our customer, or otherwise continue to communicate with us.

Transfer of data

For the users of the Frosmo sites and user interfaces who are located within the EU/ETA area, Frosmo does not transfer personal data outside the EU/ETA area. However, analytics services and other third-party services used by Frosmo may process personal data on servers located outside the EU/ETA area (namely, in the US).

When a content delivery network (CDN) is used to deliver the Frosmo JavaScript library to a user’s browser, in some cases there is a chance that the CDN server used is located outside the EU/ETA area. However, the Frosmo JavaScript library as such does not contain personal data.

Data security

Frosmo is committed to protecting the security of the visitors’ personal data and has a variety of security technologies and procedures in place to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of data.

For example, our operational tools can only be accessed over HTTPS. Access to the tools is always protected with credentials. All operational networks are protected by firewalls and managed by designated employees.

For more information about data, application, and operational security at Frosmo, see Security overview.

Rights of the data subject

As a data subject, you have the right to access and evaluate any personal data about yourself. You have the right to demand rectification or restriction of the processing of your personal data in case there is a legal basis for you to do so.

Contact us

If you have any questions related to the data privacy of the Frosmo sites and user interfaces, contact us through the Frosmo website, or send an email to Frosmo Support.