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Personalize your player journey and maximize the potential of your iGaming product

iGaming is all about keeping players engaged and entertained. For any operator to stand out in the competition, keeping the players’ attention is critical.

These are some of the most important business objectives for iGaming operators:

  • Reducing acquisition unit costs
  • Improving player retention and lifetime value
  • Increasing revenue from existing players

Benefits of personalization

Many companies invest a lot in advertising to acquire new players but the effort gets diluted if the gaming website doesn’t meet the players’ expectations for a good gaming experience. 

In addition, iGaming platforms have a limited capacity to collect visitor data and utilize it for personalization as it’s not their core function. Therefore, making changes to improve the player experience can be slow and cumbersome.

Personalization has a positive impact on the conversion rate and average customer value. The players who complete transactions are more likely to return and share their experiences. The loyalty improvement is the “interest on interest” in personalization ROI.

Reduce acquisition costs

In the early stages of the player journey, Frosmo can help you to:

  • Create personalized landing pages based on the affiliate site or campaign your new visitor comes from.
  • Display pop-ups to encourage visitors to sign up.
  • Reduce bounce rates by up to 20%

Improve player loyalty and lifetime value

To build loyalty, you have to really understand your players and their expectations. With Frosmo, you can:

  • Collect a range of data about your players’ context and behavior.
  • Ensure your always delivering relevant content for each player at every stage of their journey.
  • Increase click-through rates by 100%.

Increase site revenue

Knowing your players allows you to predict their actions and keep them engaged:

  • Create AI-driven recommendations that automatically optimize their performance.
  • Predict and prevent churn and problem players
  • Increase deposits by 10%

Complement your iGaming platform

Frosmo specializes in visitor data collection and works its magic in the front end, which means that you can:

  • Enrich your CRM data.
  • Supplement your iGaming platform with cutting-edge personalization features.
  • Make UX improvements on your site quickly, without bothering your tech team.


We want to make data-driven decisions. The analytics tools provided by Frosmo, in combination with the UI elements we have developed through the Frosmo Platform, provide us with very accurate data to base our site improvements on.

Thierry Jacot-Descombes, Head of E-Commerce, Swisslos

Frosmo creates AI-driven game recommendations based on contextual and real-time behavioral data. There’s a no-code user interface to create your own strategies and you always have full visibility into how each recommendation strategy works.