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Reduce churn, grow lifetime value, and deliver a superior player experience in iGaming

Our winning personalization consists of AI-driven game recommendations that customize player experiences regardless of your iGaming platform. Turn passive customers into active players.

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What is Personalization?

Personalization is a term used to describe the process and technology whose purpose is to ensure that the content displayed to a visitor on a web service, such as an online casino or a sports betting site, is as relevant and helpful as possible.

The twin objective of personalization is:

  • For the casino operator: Drive growth in revenue and profit through conversion improvements and acquisition cost savings as well as increased player retention
  • For the player: Create a more pleasurable onboarding and gaming experience by providing a balanced mix of familiar favorites and the sensation of novelty and discovery.

Personalization is driven by patterns in the visitor’s behavior picked up by a personalization software.

Discover why the personalization of an iGaming site is good for business, how personalization with Frosmo works, what kind of results to expect, and more! Check out the FAQ.

Why Choose Frosmo

  • Greater player loyalty and retention– Conversion rates can be increased through customization and the implementation of personalized customer journeys.
  • Increased player lifetime value– AI-powered recommendations show players the most relevant games to play next and help cross-sell products, from sports betting to the casino.
  • Early churn prediction– Early churn prediction combines near real-time behavioral data from the browser with historical CRM data to predict which players are about to abandon your service.

Winning the mobile game: Past, present, and future of iGaming optimization

While addressing fundamental mobile optimization is essential, the present emphasizes user experience, personalization, and security. The future holds exciting prospects, such as AR and VR integration, 5G improvements, AI-driven personalization, and sustainable practices. To remain competitive, iGaming operators must continually adapt to meet the dynamic demands of mobile gamers, staying attuned to emerging technologies and trends.

Make the most of your iGaming product

A well-executed personalization strategy can make a lot of difference in player engagement, player lifetime value, and churn prediction.

Calculate how much your business could grow with Frosmo

Still wondering if personalization could improve your online business? Use our business case calculator to quickly and easily evaluate the business impact of personalization on your online business.

This is a specially designed tool carefully put together from more than a decade of knowledge and experience with implementing personalization for retail businesses.personalization on your online business.

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