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Superior player experiences in iGaming


Greater player loyalty and retention


Increased player lifetime value


Early churn prediction

Reduce churn, grow lifetime value, and deliver a superior player experience in iGaming


Customize player experiences regardless of your iGaming platform.


  • Conversion rates can be increased through customization and the implementation of personalized customer journeys.
  • Turn passive customers into active players with our winning formula of personalization
  • AI-powered recommendations show players the most relevant games to play next and help cross-sell products, from sports betting to the casino.
  • Early churn prediction combines near real-time behavioral data from the browser with historical CRM data to predict which players are about to abandon your service. Personalized messages can re-engage these players, extending their lifetime value. Read more.

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How to deliver personalized experiences to drive your iGaming business

Thu | 17 Dec | 2 pm EET

We'll discuss the importance of personalization to meet the business objectives of reducing unit costs of acquisition, retaining customers, and increasing customer lifetime value.

We’re very happy with increased CTR and sales in our casino products delivered by product cross-sell recommendations. We also feel great to be able to cater to the needs of our customers better with a more data-driven approach and personalized content.
Stefan Kaindlestorfer
Managing Director, Rivalo

Winning formula in delivering the best personalization results
in the market

Frosmo's product winning formula

How does personalization impact your business?

Calculate how much you would benefit from personalization.

We created the iGaming business case calculator to share the amazing business results we’ve witnessed in iGaming clients over the past ten years.

The calculator is free to use – no sign-up or registration required. Based on these data points and your assessment of your current level of personalization, you’ll be able to see how much growth, incremental revenue, and additional margin you could generate based on Frosmo’s experience, just by improving the degree of personalization in your business.