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This is Frosmo.

We are Frosmonauts and Frosmo is our home. 
Together, we work, laugh, lunch, create, grow, and overcome. 

Why Frosmo?


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With colleagues of 9 different nationalities and 10+ languages, we’re truly international. Tolerant, talented, and ambitious are few words that describe every Frosmonaut. And if these words resonate with you, then you’d probably be a great fit.


Frosmonauts support Pride

Diversity has always been one of Frosmo’s core strengths in our international growth strategy. We have come together from all around the world and have built a work culture that recognizes complete equality. 

Stronger together as ONE Frosmo, our values connect and inspire us.


Competitive salaries
and bonuses

Careers page

Got ambition? So do we, and our willingness to pay for top skills reflects that. On top of that, Frosmo recognizes and rewards those who go above and beyond.

Working at Frosmo

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Meet Vesa

Interested to become a Frosmonaut?

Great! Currently we have no open opportunities but feel free to follow our website for future openings.

Helsinki, Finland

You live on the bleeding edge of JavaScript and browser technology.


You have proven ability to sell to mid-sized and large international organizations.


You can grow new business for Frosmo’s SaaS software primarily in the Nordics.


You have proven ability to sell to mid-sized and large international organizations.

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And if you don’t see the kind of opportunity you’re looking for, you can always let us know.


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