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Get to know Vesa – Team Lead Developer

Vesa slowly spins a frisbee between his hands while one of the visiting dogs is looking up in anticipation. There are no signs that Vesa ever intends to throw the frisbee, or that he has noticed the dog to begin with. There are customer solutions to be written. Poor dog. Lucky customers.

In his role as a Team Lead Developer (TLD), Vesa still spends a large part of his time thinking up solutions for customers, be it in JavaScript, PHP, some Lisp language, or even Ruby. Leading by example is very much part of a TLD’s description at Frosmo.

TLDs set the standard and are an example for all other developers. They encourage, support, and even teach their colleagues all about best practices in code and architecture. They make the office a better place to work.

Teaching others seems to be just as enjoyable to Vesa as doing the coding himself. “My colleagues are great. Lovely to work with. It’s a good indication if you like to come to work every morning. The visiting dogs are a nice bonus,” he remarks.

When asked further about what it’s like to work at Frosmo, he’s honest and smiles “It’s busy. Challenging. Even frustrating at times. But above all it’s good. Working with all these people with their different backgrounds is incredibly refreshing. Every day really is different and you’re never bored. There’s just always something cool coming up.”

“It was such a ‘Holy <censored>’ moment when I first realized how many people visit our customers’ websites. Every month you notice how big and massive the customers are and that sheer volume of traffic is definitely mind-blowing.”

The key to being a good Team Lead Developer is simply to have patience. Well, patience and the technical knowledge to know what you’re doing. For Vesa, the scale at which Frosmo operates and the diversity of both colleagues and cases are both a challenge and a joy.