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Stronger together as ONE Frosmo

Marjo Kivistö

Stronger together as ONE Frosmo

It’s no secret that this season has been quite challenging in several ways. Most companies have had to move their work and communication online. The fact that teams haven’t had the possibility to see each other or work together physically has definitely required flexibility and a lot of adjustments.

At Frosmo, we sent out our company survey (LifeatFrosmo) about a month ago. We’re happy with the results that show how Frosmonauts have stuck together in these exceptional times. 

Stronger together as ONE Frosmo
Overall employee satisfaction- on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest and 1 as the lowest.

We’ve been able to build a united ONE Frosmo culture and trust in the work community. This, and with solid management, carries us forward even in challenging times. We saw the highest development since our last survey in the results concerning our work community. The survey included relevant and timely questions such as, ‘we dare to talk about difficult issues, we share responsibility and everyone gets their voices heard in my work community’. These aspects of working life are especially important in this prevailing situation. Same as last year, the highest scores we received are those concerning employees’ satisfaction with their managers.

It’s great to see how Frosmonauts have adjusted to the current situation and supported one another. The open culture and belief that we are stronger together as one Frosmo has helped us through these challenging times. 

The great Charles Darwin has said that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change. 

LifeatFrosmo results work community

Adaptability to change depends on the company culture. And company culture is built on trust. A company culture based on trust is developed mostly in daily encounters and does not rely only on the power of the fancy festive speeches. Although a clearly communicated direction of the company vision is important and builds trust in the future of the company and to the management, the everyday office interactions, casual conversations of employees, and transparency in the communication can make a big difference.

Our task to develop our work community continues. We strongly uphold our values: we always aim higher, we learn, change, and challenge, and we aim to be ourselves together. And we firmly believe that every one of us can make a difference daily even in the simplest things. What would be yours today?

About the writer: 

Marjo Kivistö is the Chief People Officer at Frosmo. She is a passionate and experienced leader who sees people as the most important part of a company. As a big believer of good leadership seen through strong company values, she advocates for open culture and drives a clear business direction to give people wings to achieve success and do amazing things.