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Did you know that 80% of crucial customer data never makes it into your CRM? Frosmo combines advanced data capture with decisive action to simplify your marketing efforts and to amplify your results. We expose the micro segments that are otherwise hard to reach, while our AI-driven strategies ensure you reach every visitor with relevant content at the right time.

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Data mastery

Frosmo transforms any data source into reliable, scalable product data models. This ensures that every piece of information about what you sell is accurately captured and ready to be used for sophisticated customer targeting and for delivering automated, personalized experiences at scale.

Data mastery

Automated user profiling

Automated user profiling

Leveraging our comprehensive data models, Frosmo automates the creation of dynamic customer profiles based on affinity. By understanding and scoring individual preferences — such as the significance of product types or brands to each visitor — in real time, we do more than just tailor the shopping experience; we empower you with insights into customer trends, seasons, and locality, as well as supply and demand dynamics.

Scalable personalized experiences

Frosmo’s innovative and unique products utilize the rich data foundation and precise affinity profiles to create unparalleled experiences at scale. We employ a variety of cutting-edge solutions designed to automate and personalize the customer experience across your webstore from product collections, recommendations, and search to managing promotions and seasonal displays for your online business.

Scalable personalized experiences

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Still wondering if personalization could improve your online business? Use our business case calculator to quickly and easily evaluate the business impact of personalization on your online business.

This is a specially designed tool carefully put together from more than a decade of knowledge and experience with implementing personalization for retail businesses.

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Customer lifetime value optimization

Elevate your search, recommendations, and omnichannel experience, driving customer engagement and loyalty. Manage multiple customer journeys with AI-driven data collection, targeting, and content.


Leverage any platform, integrate with any CDP or CRM, and make your customer data immediately actionable.

Support and expertise

Get the most out of your personalization efforts and implement strategies that best serve your business. We support you every step of the way.

How it works

You can integrate Frosmo with any ecommerce and headless CMS platform. Is your website built with WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerece, Magneto, WooCommerce, or Kibo? Easily integrate Frosmo into any system.

Frosmo utilizes Google’s standards for data tracking and product information so it’s easy to seamlessly integrate on your site.

Frosmo’s AI-driven personalization strategies are based on contextual and real-time behavioral data. Our no-code user interface allows you to create your own strategies and you always have full visibility into how each recommendation strategy works.

How Frosmo works

Serve your customers better to win them for life

All of your website personalization and merchandising needs in one powerful easy-to-use AI-driven personalization engine that helps increase site visitors, bring immediate conversions, and improve AOV and lifetime value:

  • Automate your merchandising
  • Dynamic segmentation of website visitors based on real-time data
  • Algorithm-based content and product recommendations
  • Rule-based content and product targeting
  • Powerful, personalized search
  • AI-driven, automated optimization and A/B testing
  • Placements – any element of the site can be personalized
  • Blueprints – start with industry best practices
  • Reporting – total transparency
  • Future-proof architecture

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We want to make data-driven decisions. The analytics tools provided by Frosmo, in combination with the UI elements we have developed through the Frosmo Platform, provide us with very accurate data to base our site improvements on.​

Thierry Jacot- Descombes

Head of E-Commerce, Swisslos

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We have always wanted to bring innovations to the market and co-create trends. With Frosmo’s advanced personalization and optimization features, we know that we can continue to strive for sustainable development supported by digitization.

Karin Čubej

Digital Director, BigBang

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