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Frosmo software enables anyone to create superior digital experiences

Companies can develop the front end of their digital services faster and easier regardless of their content management systems, commerce platform and marketing stack

Continuous front-end development using latest JS frameworks

Experience optimization including online testing, behavioral personalization and recommendations

Data tracking and AI modelling

Frosmo browser-based development that your developers and IT loves

The reason why we went with Frosmo is that we wanted to try and design something better. Quickly.

David Joudrey, Digital Optimisation Manager, Tots to Travel

Frosmo Roadshow 2018

Join a meeting among locals to network and exchange valuable ideas. The Frosmo Roadshow brings together some of the most forward-thinking ecommerce minds, you included.

Register now to secure your seat at the Frosmo Roadshow. Next to presentations on the changing landscape of front-end development, local use cases, and the opportunity to network among peers, Frosmo also has important announcements to make regarding future changes.

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“You have the possibility to start preparing for the future right now, and we recommend that you start it right away.“

-Mikael Gummerus, CEO

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Improving user experiences since 2008

If you’re looking for the typical startup story, then this is not it. There was no eureka moment in a nondescript Finnish basement. This is not a story of drunken fun in a sauna, though we do have some of that, sometimes. No. Frosmo is a story of experimenting, hard work, and grit.

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