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Frosmo is the most versatile personalization software, delivering 1.5 billion personalized customer journeys each day

Our winning personalization formula consists of AI-driven product recommendations that optimize each step of the customer journey delivering the best results in the market.

Power delivers effective product recommendations in different phases of the customer journey

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Personalized web pages can help you stand out from the competition by capturing the micro-moments of ecommerce shopping. Your visitors are more likely to spend money and return to a site that makes them feel valued with personalized offers that are tailored to their needs.

Start delivering personalized experiences on your front, category, and product pages. Your customers will be happy, which also means your conversion rates will soar.

Implementing personalized customer journeys with Frosmo can reap amazing results


increase in sales by showing personalized content


increased conversion rate


increased number of items in the shopping basket


faster time to market


accuracy in churn prediction

We see personalization as the only way to reach ecommerce KPIs. Personalization makes the navigation easier for the visitor to find what they are looking for as friction-free as possible. Recommendations help the buyer to select the best products and accessories and have a direct link to the bigger average order value. Customers are satisfied with the bundles they buy and keep coming back for more accessories.​
Juhani Toppari
Marketing Director and Ecommerce Manager, Rajala

"The overall experience of implementing the recommendation strategies and the cooperation with Frosmo has been straightforward and was surprisingly deployed as a turnkey project. I would highly recommend using Frosmo against other competitive solutions."

Jarkko Lehtismäki, CTO, Power International AS

"We’re investing in machine learning to understand what our customers require. Frosmo allows us to focus on delivering the omnichannel experience our customers desire."

Des de Silva, Head of Marketing, 188BET

"Frosmo provides powerful personalization capabilities and relevant recommendations that bring real value and great customer experiences."

Antti Karvanen, Design Director, Genero (part of A-lehdet)

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