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Frosmo software enables anyone to create superior digital experiences

The Frosmo Platform enables a fast and easy implementation of personalized customer journeys on top of any CMS or ecommerce platform.

Frosmo key features in personalized customer journeys

With the Frosmo Platform, you can efficiently implement, optimize and personalize each user journey without the need for a complex integration project. Frosmo is installed with a simple JavaScript tag and doesn’t require any changes to your current setup.


  • Rich segmentation options
  • Import and export user behavior data
  • Synchronize audiences with your DMP
  • AI predictions

Modifications and Recommendations 

  • Any content, any JavaScript  framework
  • Connect to your version control CMS
  • ML-driven AB testing
  • Transparent algorithms
  • GA integration

Placements and

  • Flexible display methods
  • Full support for single-page applications
  • Built-in sandbox


  • Use any action on the site to fire content, segment visitors or track data

Implementing personalized customer journeys with Frosmo can reap amazing results

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“You have the possibility to start preparing for the future right now, and we recommend that you start it right away.“

-Mikael Gummerus, CEO

Frosmo future

Improving user experiences since 2008

If you’re looking for the typical startup story, then this is not it. There was no eureka moment in a nondescript Finnish basement. This is not a story of drunken fun in a sauna, though we do have some of that, sometimes. No. Frosmo is a story of experimenting, hard work, and grit.

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