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Frosmo software enables anyone to create superior digital experiences

The Frosmo platform allows a fast and easy way to implement personalized customer journeys on top of any CMS or ecommerce platform.

Data-driven front-end development using latest JS frameworks

Experience optimization including online testing, behavioral personalization and recommendations​

Data tracking and AI modelling​

Frosmo web-based development that your developers and IT love

I would recommend Frosmo to any company that struggles with making fast front-end changes because of inflexible systems or slow-moving organization. Once the FROSMO script is in place, making changes yourself is easy and, most importantly, the changes are instantly implemented on the site.

Carmen Wilkes Uhre, eCommerce Manager, Venuepoint

Easy personalization for Magento

27 November 2018  2 pm EET 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Frosmo helps companies using Magento to

  • Personalize for every visitor.
  • Optimize website for screens of all shapes and sizes.
  • Collaborate with any front-end developer who knows JS frameworks .

Digital Experience Management
Boost your Success

“You have the possibility to start preparing for the future right now, and we recommend that you start it right away.“

-Mikael Gummerus, CEO

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Improving user experiences since 2008

If you’re looking for the typical startup story, then this is not it. There was no eureka moment in a nondescript Finnish basement. This is not a story of drunken fun in a sauna, though we do have some of that, sometimes. No. Frosmo is a story of experimenting, hard work, and grit.

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